Last week it was all about the stunning feats of pb, but amazingly they may have been topped, you tell me. Short and sweet this recap is going to be, and all apologies the other 9, for upon 1 player the focus shall be. And rightfully so, I believe you will see, for who is shorter or sweeter than that lovable smfer bp?

Starting Stacks
lena421 $42,291.68
cantgolf4beans $39,041.67
burning pee $21,832.49
buntaz $20,933.32
need more cards $15,535.00
D-Cupcake $15,085.00
Mitch7676 $14,080.00
26Milo $9,273.34
Drummin Don $6,127.50
mr_MC $3,300.00


The first person out was a gent named mr_MC, whos JJ was vanquished by Drummin Dons Ace and three. He was quite shortstacked so it was a preflop all in you see, and after everyone folds Don only has to pay an extra $300 from the bb. Don hit his ace on the flop and there would be no recovery, and so it is a 10th place finish for mr_MC.

But Dons winning gambit was a short lived victory, for the very next hand he ran into the KK of bp. For despite winning that hand vs the shortstacked mr_MC, Don was still a bit shortstacked himself, and late postion made his hand seem quite pretty. Yes K 10 might have looked good there, it probably would have to me, but it only got uglier as the King Ace Nine flop gave bp the Kings three. So exiting in 9th place of his 2nd ft of TPC, is Sir Don CONEleone, a brother of the cones who be chill and be free.

Next up we have 26Milo, a tough and well known oldie, going up against lena421, a bit of a newbie is she. Her stack is quite high and she has to strain her neck above it to see, and when she espies her K8 vs Milos bb K7 she probably felt a small tingle of glee. And surely that good feeling lessened none when the flop came King, Eight, and Three, for now poor Milo would need runner 7's for the miracle comeback victory. Low and behold a 7 comes on the turn and now everyone strains their neck to see, as 26Milo gets down and prays on his knees. But alas for 26Milo tonight it was not meant to be, and its another strong finish- an 8th place finish for the oldie monkey.

buntaz is making his first final appearance of this TPC, as is that grouchy old man cg4b. Neither has seen much action so far, but that changes suddenly, when they both go all in preflop, buntaz A 10o vs golfy's 77 pp. This could easily go either way, all the best odds charts agree, and we go to the draw to see what will be. 6KQ2Q gives the win to beansy, and its a 7th place finish for buntaz this eve.

D-Cupcake's a name that can raise the room temp a few degrees, and of course gets the attention of that doosh bag bp. He decides AJo merits a fat preflop raise of 20g's , and the shortstacked D-Cup sighs and puts in her last $1k of chippies. Her K7o goes to the flop way behind miserably, but the flop brings a K and now she's quite a bit happy. But the smfer bp turns an Ace, he's so effin lucky, and a 2 on the river means a 6th place for the D.

Sometimes I chat too much and the hands I dont see, and thats what happened for the 5th place finish of need more cards, or "nmc".

lena has played strong and has a pretty cheerleader named Rusty, but even those two powerful forces can't beat the luck of golfy. When his sooted JQ of hearts gets a flop of hearts numbering three, lena exits in 4th, a very fine finish thats far from shabby.

So now it comes down to the final 3, Mitch7676, beansy and burning pee. The two lucky morons have Mitch covered by a lot of chippies, it will take a near miracle for him to come back for the victory. But it was quite the opposite as he took a bad beat from golfy, and he finishes in 3rd after his King Jack loses to beansy's Four Queen.

Now only a mother could love a h2h of golfy vs bp, two of the biggest smfers in the entire EPC. But joking aside both are quite good players I decree, and I think that many others would most likely agree. Now he told me this later and I was not sworn to secrecy, but poor old beansy was hard pressed for time now you will see. His nagging wife has him whipped and he had to run an errand for she, so he rushed his game quite a bit, for in a few minutes he had to flee. Playing fast and loose is not the usual style for beansy, but its right up the alley of that donkey bp. So bing bang and boom they traded shots for a minute or 3, and then bp took it down,  dispatching beansy quite mercilessly. But please don't think I am making excuse for the curmudgeon cg4b, because burning pee has been winning with an otherworldly frequency. Yes he has made a final table in 10 days consecutively, notching 6 wins along the way, a run the likes of which never before has been seen.

burning pee wins week 9 of The Peoples Champion