Another star studded TPC final table, but that happens every week and I'm starting to sound like a broken record with my weekly intro of "Another strong cast...". I reckon with these fields it is a formality. This week is about something else altogether though. Or someone else rather. Am I talking about RustyJones 3rd TPC final table? ACES555 3rd straight final table? Maybe redsox rules 4th final table and push for the over all lead? Or how about even off the final table, with Dark angel and kacy both finishing in the points for the 6th week in a row? All very impressive feats, as anyone that has played The Peoples Champion can surely attest to. Making the points just one time has been a challenge for a lot of us *cough*.  Making a final table just one time has eluded many of our number *cough cough*. But as impressive as those feats are, they have all been eclipsed by another player that was making his 5th final table appearance. The final table itself was played at a quick and aggressive pace, lasting a total of only 19 minutes. Last weeks final table had two separate intervals nearly as long without a single player going out. It started with long time EPC pro kingelizabeth increasing her chip lead by sending the first 4 players to the rail, but it ended with the coronation of the latest king of EPC poker. His name is pbmille3.

                                                                                                                             THE FINAL TABLE
Starting Stacks
kingelizabeth $64,279.00
filly313 $34,093.00
pbmille3 $19,917.50
redsox rules $17,310.00
ACES555 $12,750.00
Donna22255 $9655.00
RustyJones $7,350.00
Tamis Turn $7,230.00
FULLER92 $888.00


kingelizabeth, aka "kingel", got to this final table with a nearly 2x chip lead over the closest competitor and increased that margin in short order. First up for kingel was that distempered but lovable donk, RustyJones *snort* a previous TPC winner (yo, you get that hat yet?) who has also scratched his way back into the top ten of the overall standings with this showing, moving into 7th place. He got here a bit shortstacked though and with the blinds bearing down on him made his move with the second hand he saw, a not ugly AhKs. After he put his $7.3k in chips all in, kingel decided the way to play JJ was a hefty $33k raise over that and everyone quickly mucked their cards. RJ's got the two overs but the draw comes 7dQhQc8s2s and RustyJones finishes in 10th. gg

FULLER92 can't play a lot of Friday nights due to a regular home game he usually attends, so it's a pleasant surprise to see him playing. He arrived even worse off than RJ though, with a minuscule stack of $880. "The Machine" is going to need a nitrous fueled outburst of wins to make a run on the final table. He mucks a few what he deems undesirable hands with cold as steel patience and when the big blind brings him all in he gets dealt a not too shabby AsJh. redsox rules limps in, kingelizabeth decides to check with Ac2h and they go to the flop. The flop comes 2sKh2d giving kingel a purty set and she slyly checks. redsox checks as well and the turn comes 10d. kingel throws out a $6k bet and redsox rules quickly folds, apparently having hit nothing and not feeling this is the time for reindeer games. Smart move. FULLER needs a Q on the river to get the straight and stay alive but it is a 4c and FULLER92 finishes in 9th place. gg

Ahhh the effervescent Tamis Turn. Always a pleasure to see on a table with her quick smile and happy tidings. She waited until the last minute to register, unsure if she was going to be able to play then made the most of it with a final table showing. She noted, in a cheery way of course, that she had been card dead some time now, while also throwing in the expected Manny reference or two, then when she was down to her last $2.7k her prayers were answered when she got a playable hand of AdQh. Good timing too as the $2k sb had just robbed her of most her stack. After pbmille and filly folded kingel is feeling the hot seat and raises $8k holding a wee pp of 2s2d. Action folds to Tami who puts the rest of her chips in, and redsox rules decides to forfeit his $4k bb. Tami's chances here aren't bad but again, kingel is on fire and after a 10dKc10s flop Tami needs an over A or Q, or a J for her gutshot straight draw, but it's a 2h giving kingel the set. The river is 10c upping kingels hand to a boat and Tamis Turn exits with a nifty 8th place finish. Manny says bueno juego senorita!

Pass the butter, kingel is on a roll! And she isn't done yet. She's hotter than a firecracker lit on both ends now and is dealt the ultimate preflop hand AA in the sb. This is bad news for ACES555, who as mentioned is on his 3rd straight TPC ft (well done) and has just gotten drawn all in by the bb holding Jh9c. After filly limps in kingel raises $17k and filly quickly folds, sending kingel and ACES to the flop h2h. The Ks4c9h flop pairs ACES 9 but he gets no more help as the turn is 4d and the river 5d and ACES555 finishes the night with another strong showing, 7th place.  gg

kingel finally decides to let someone else play enforcer, handing the baton to Donna22255, who is going to put the injured and maligned filly313 out of his misery. I don't have the notes nor the memory to recite them but he took a number of tough beats after the field got down to 25 or so, but he kept coming back. I know he had just taken yet another tough one after having rebuilt yet again, all of it layered somewhere in between kingels smackdowns. His final defeat wasn't too rough though so maybe he got to rest in peace after Donna put him down, besting his A4o with her suited AKh. filly313 finishes in 6th place. gg

*BIG HAND ALERT* kingel took a hand off and is now rested and ready for more action. While she had arrived at the table as chip leader, had taken out 4 players, the profit from those conquests amounting to about $23k, and her stack stood at a lofty $74k, amazingly she no longer held the lead. pbmille3 had been somewhat quietly doing some chip collecting himself and had her covered by about $4k, sitting with a little over $78k. This would prove to be fatal for miss kingel. We go to the tape for the play by play-

Dealer: Donna22255 posts the small blind $3000.00
Dealer: redsox rules posts the big blind $6000.00
TPC Hole CamĀ® : kingelizabeth Kc10d, pbmille3 Jh10h
Dealer: pbmille3 Raise $12,000.00
Dealer: kingelizabeth Call $12,000.00
Dealer: Donna22255 Fold $ 3,000.00
Dealer: redsox rules Fold $ 6,000.00
MAINEly whispers: "kingelizabeth has paired her K,
meanwhile pbmille3 has mid pair J and a flush draw"
Dealer: pbmille3 Bet $15,000.00
MAINEly: "The kid likes to force and control the action."
Dealer: kingelizabeth All-in $51,871.00
MAINEly: "kingle aint a skeered, noway nuh huh!
pb mulls this over, taking the fully alloted time."
Dealer: pbmille3 Call $36,871.00
MAINEly: "He makes the call!"
MAINEly: "ooohhh pb has hit his flush, and wins the hand
as kingelizabeth is drawing dead to the river."
Dealer: pbmille3 Showdown Show card: Flush A high
Dealer: kingelizabeth Showdown Show card: Pair Kings
Dealer: pbmille3 wins main pot ($136,742.00)
Dealer: kingelizabeth finishes in 5th place. vgg

A big turn of events there for sure. 4 players left now and pb has taken control of the game and his quest for 3 straight TPC tournament wins. His stack of $140k dwarfs the other 3 players and is 4x bigger than the next closest, Donna2225 with $35k. Well if anyone can make a run at him it is Donna, long known and feared around the EPC tables and in the running for the tough FLOP MVP title. SUNDAY SAMURAI and redsox rules, both solid players in their own right, sit with $14.8k and $6.3k respectively. It would take pb about 3 minutes to end the tournament. 2min 30 sec to be exact.

redsox rules has been a force in this TPC series, holding the lead for a week or two, making the points 6 of 8 weeks, and deep into the points too, with 4 final tables. If you had told him he would finish tonight in 4th place he would probably have liked his chances for retaking the overall lead, and the smart money would have agreed. pb would have sent you home w/o that money though. pb and redsox paid the $3k/$6k blinds respectively and after the hole cards were dealt SUNDAY SAMURAI put his $14.8k all in from utg. Donna folded, redsox put the rest of his chips, $3.3k, all in and pbmille called the $8.8k raise. SO we go to the flop with a 3 way showdown, pb having a chance to take both the other players out. redsox rules has Ac10d, SUNDAY SAMURAI KhQs, and pbmille3 QhJh. The 5 cards are put out to the board in online poker warp speed 2d7h7s3hQd. SUNDAY SAMURAI takes down the $36k pot with a pr Q and the better kicker, becoming another threat to pbmille, along w/ Donna, and redsox rules heads to the rail with another impressive finish, this time in 4th place. wtg vgg

Down to the final three. pbmille3 still has an impressive chip lead, with him at $126k, SS at $36k and Donna with $35k. The 3 sparred around for about 1 minute then Donna took her shot at making a run- In the small blind with suited AcQc and down to $14k Donna pushes all in after SS had folded and pb calls the $8k raise, holding pp 7h7s. Donna is actually a slight favorite here even though she heads to the flop behind, if my memory of odds serves me correct. I could be wrong though, I have always tried to resist focusing too much on odds. She can't catch anything though as the draw comes Kd8d3cKc5d and Donna22255 finishes with a very impressive 3rd. Great game!

H2H- pbmille3 vs SUNDAY SAMURAI
This was only the 2nd time SS played The Peoples Champion and it was a fine showing, making it down to the final two and squaring off against pb h2h. pb has SS fairly well covered, a little over 2-1. Far from an insurmountable lead. The h2h lasted two hands.

The Final Hand
Dealer: SUNDAY SAMURAI posts the small blind $3000.00
Dealer: pbmille3 posts the big blind $6000.00
TPC Hole CamĀ® : SUNDAY SAMURAI Ah9c, pbmille3 9s9h
Dealer: SUNDAY SAMURAI Raise  $10,460.00
Dealer: pbmille3 All-in $131,412.00
Dealer: SUNDAY SAMURAI  All-in $46,628.00    
Dealer: pbmille3 Return uncalled portion of bet $77,324.00
Dealer: DEALING FLOP 6c5h4d
Dealer: pbmille3 Showdown Show card: Pair Nines
Dealer: SUNDAY SAMURAI Showdown Show card: High Card Ace 
Dealer: pbmille3 wins main pot ($120,176.00)
Dealer: SUNDAY SAMURAI finishes in 2nd place. Great game.

Very good game SS, and hey, bookmark this website eh? ; )

And so we have the latest king of EPC poker. This coronation began near 3 weeks ago when he ripped off tournament victories in the Race for the Cup, Aces Up and TPC in a 4 day span, culminating here with his astounding 3rd straight TPC victory. Wow. And oh yeah, he does well in the long run too- 2nd place overall in the EPC Champions League, 1st place overall in The Peoples Champion, and near the top of the heap in Aces Up. pbmille3 is on one of those streaks we see from time to time, a promo here, a promo there, and only time will tell if he can continue on to join the elite ranks of the few that transcended hot streak to player that contends for nearly every big tournament or series they enter; players like snoop35, OneDaySale and not too long ago alamoterror, to name a few. He mentioned as much to me a couple days after the tournament, saying "... we all know it goes in cycles, you can't run good forever." Well, maybe not forever, but maybe a little longer than most, we will see. Regardless you have accomplished something that I don't believe anyone else ever has, winning a tournament 3 times in a row, and I don't think anyone can deny that you had to navigate through some of the toughest fields around to do it. Winning 2 in a row and even having a shot at a 3rd is a rare feat in itself; the only time I recall it happening was cewraith winning the Gauntlet in successive weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if Scott2937 has won two MBI's in a row though *rolls eyes* lol. Yep pb, it's an amazing feat that will be tough to equal, and nobody will ever be able to take it away from you. Very impressive. Good luck this Friday and beyond.

pbmille3 wins week 8 of The Peoples Champion. Well Done!

Winners Prize: TBA