Despite the endless rambling sure to come from me, I think the names on this final table speak for themselves- Virginia Clem, GYRO359, pbmille3, mattingly, smitten_kitten, 26Milo, ACES555, bigalzzz, hasher79, Drummin Don. Yeeeow-cha. There are some that say every final table is tough, and to some extent they are right, but some are certainly tougher than others and I dare say this one qualifies for that (That sentence has a sum of three some's but I'm not editing it!). High marks in the panache category as well- Looks, brawn, smarts, wit, humor, quiet intensity, nerves of steel, a dash of sexiness, a shtickle of pluckish name it, you'll find it here. I'm just not going to tell you where to look. Ha! And oh yeah, it lived up to the billing. Check it out-
                                                                                                                             THE FINAL TABLE
Starting Stacks
Virginia Clem- $45,497.50
GYRO359- $31,455.00
pbmille3- $27,720.00
mattingly- $27,406.25
smitten_kitten- $18,845
26Milo- $12,910.00
ACES555- $11,853.75
bigalzzz- $5,295.00
hasher79- $3,817.50
Drummin Don- $2,700.00


A player I rank near the very top of the best of the best at EPC, bigalzzz hasn't been particularly strong so far in the short span of this first TPC series, and that's the nature of poker--the best player isn't going to win every time, or even half--but over time he rises to the top of just about every poker series he attempts. Nobody had as many TPC Q's as bigalzzz did with 13. Very Impressive. And as further testimony to his standard, while I say he hasn't been particularly strong, many of us would be happy to be sitting in 19th place in the overall standings, as he is. I know I would be. He got to the final table in a tight spot tho- $5.3k stack, blind level just raised to $2k/$4k and the bb one seat away. A break was going to be needed and fast. After tossing his first hand into the muck he pays the $4k bb and is dealt Jc8s. GYRO, seated directly to the left of alzzz, makes a large early position raise of $11k, upping the flop admission to $15k, and action quickly folds back around to alzzz, who calls with his remaining $1.3k. GYRO turns over AsKc and alzzz has a fairly decent chance in the race and at new life. Nothing comes for either player on the 4d10d5h flop, but alzzz pairs his J on the turn! Shweet. The river- Oooohhhh Ad. Painful. Why they gotta do alzzz like that? GYRO pairs his ace and bigalzzz finishes in 10th place. gg

I don't see mattingly around the table as much as I used to, but then I don't play as much as I used to, but I have seen enough in the past to know he is someone I don't particularly care to tangle with. I've been bitten a few times by this guy and consider him a royal pain in the ass. I mean that as a definite compliment. mattingly is in the $4k bb now holding 5d2d with a $25k stack, and action folds around to Virginia Clem who limps in from the sb holding Ac4h and $48k in chippies. mattingly decides to take a 'free' peek at the flop with his 52o and checks. mattingly has to like the 2s5h3h flop and the two pair it gives him, and also must like having the venerable miss clem leading out with a $4k mini bet. Little does he know she has flopped a straight and is liking things herself. mattingly raises $6k, VC re-raises $6k and mattingly quickly bangs all in $11k and VC just as quickly calls. mattingly needs the board to pair his 5 or 2 for the boat, or a miracle runner str8 split, but the turn is 7d, the river 10s, and mattingly goes out in 9th place. gg

Both of the previous exit beats were likely a little tough to swallow, at least until further reflection, and the next one most likely was too. hasher79, aka "Mr Final Table" ( I hear it's all luck), got to the final table on life support and managed to survive one round of blinds but after gaining a few chips, then losing some, is now sitting with a meager $1.3k and the bb two seats away. After getting dealt As5s the hash man tosses his chips all in and after everyone folds he goes to the flop h2h leading vs 26Milo's bb hand of 9c3h. Hope springs for hasher if he can keep the lead through the draw. The Jd8c7h flop does nothing for either player, but Milo pairs his 3 on the turn. No A or 5 comes on the river, ending what I believe is hashers 20th final table of the night. His finish will move him up to to 4th in the standings, MAN he must have some major luck! Cha, shun the non-believers, the hash man has got game! hasher79 finishes 8th. gg

ACES555 got to tonights final table a bit healthier than last week (wtg on the 2 in a row) but hasn't seemed to get the cards to get much going so far and has pretty much stayed even to this point. Regardless, he has already gone far enough in this tournament to crack the top ten of the overall standings. Not too shabby! Blinds are now at $3/$6k. ACES is first to act and AhKh looks mighty fine so he pops all in $8.2k. Action folds around to pbmille3 who has already paid the bb and he pays the $2.2k difference from his considerable stack to see what the draw might bring for his Qc7h. It quickly brings him the lead with a 8s6dQs flop, and ACES now needs one of his two over cards to hit or a quick straight op to arise. The turn comes 2d, killing the straight chance, the river 9h, and again a somewhat tough exit as ACES555 finishes with another strong score in 7th place. gg

Four members of the 3 time Champion BRAG team Free Sno Cone made this final table (plus a former Cone 2 time champ in ACES555), and all four are still alive with 6 players left. I MIGHT be a little biased here when I say the chill factor on the table is as cool as the other side of the pillow. And there aren't many customers cooler than Drummin Don CONEleone. Smooth and a bit wily would also describe one of the most respected members of the EPC community. A true class act. The Don just suffered a loss from the bb and the rest of his chips, $1.8k, are sucked all in by the sb. Fellow Cone GYRO pays the $6k bb and action folds around to yet another Cone, our dear miss clem, and she tosses out a whopping $38k raise. GYRO quickly forfeits his hand and we go to the flop Cone vs Cone. Don's hopes ride on his Kd5s being able to come from behind to beat miss clems pp 10h10s. The 2s9hAc flop does nothing for him, a 5h on the turn gives him a couple more outs heading to the river but it is another 10 for miss clem and after banging his way into the points for the 4th time in 7 weeks, Drummin Don bows out with a nifty 6th place finish. gg

26Milo might be getting tired of hearing me talk about the tough beats he takes, and if so I apologize, but man I see the guy go deep in every tourney he plays it seems and so many times he gets a healthy stack sharply derailed by one. Some are downright sick, some are garden variety, some a victim of circumstance, but all amount to the same thing- Him getting his chips in ahead and losing on the draw. If he could have a stretch minus this, I think he would go on one of those legendary tears that a few have on the site. Maybe he already has and it was before my EPC time. I wouldn't be surprised. During the table chat I saw some friendly talk between him and miss clem about a couple river beats she had handed him earlier in the game, and his vow not to take a 3rd from her. A couple hands before Dons exit it was more of the same- Milo is holding KK. After a couple people fold smitten_kitten decided to try to take down the $9k in blinds on a short handed table by pushing all in $14.6k (she had just tripled up her short stack the hand before this) with suited Ah10h and Milo, who has kitten covered by less than $200, makes the call. The blinds fold and kitten flops the A. Not the worlds worse beat but seemingly typical for Milo. There's life support, there's chip in chair, and then there's "I need 5 or 6 miracles in a row NOW", which is what M was looking at. He sat out one hand, and gained a spot because Don went out, then quite optimistically said "Now I get them", and put his $172.50 in the pot holding suited Kd10d. He ended up going to the flop with smitten_kitten and GYRO359, who were in the blinds, and after a checkdown to the river M was able to triple up to $517. He indeed got some, but needed plenty more. The next hand looked good for a bit. After pbmille3's raise put him h2h w/ Milo they went to the flop and Milo's suited Kd10d flopped 2dJdKh to take the lead against pb's Ad9d. But a 8d on the turn ended it, his K hi flush has lost to an A hi flush, and 26Milo bows out gracefully with a well earned 5th place finish. vgg

Meow meow smitty kitty is sitting pretty now after almost blinding out earlier, a scenario that would be repeated two days later when she assisted as part of a strong team effort to wrap up the BRAG 30 title for Free Sno Cone by going from near blind out to gaining the extra 15 or so spots the team needed to surpass the tough nonames. Lotta pressure there. I've been able to watch kitten play the late stages and final tables in quite a few tough games at the EPC now and one thing she doesn't show much of is fear. This kitten has claws. Flush with a nice $30k stack she gets into a tangle with Virginia Clem, another fearless lady I try to avoid (only on the tables!) and pbmille3, who has quickly shown a penchant for risk taking and fearlessness himself. Something is going to have to give here. pb and VC post the $3k/$6k blinds respectively, kitten and pb limp in after GYRO decides to sit out, VC checks, and we go to the flop. The flop comes 9s10d8s. After pb checks miss clem bets $6k. kitten has Ad10c, hitting top top, and quicky and fearlessly bangs all in $23.4k. pb bangs all in, $30k, just as quickly, which cause some concern to kitten as evident by her "eeeeeeeek", and miss clem quickly decides that whatever she has isnt looking so good and folds. Poor kittens eek is justified as pbmille3 turns over JhQs, he has flopped a straight. Her odds for a recovery here are slim and after runner 4's smitten_kitten exits her second TPC final table, and also squeeeeeeks her way up to 15th place overall, with a great 4th place finish. vgg

Down to the final 3. One cone, smitty kitty, has just left but poor pbmille3 is still up against two fearsome sno jobs. He might as well give up, no way he can survive this- Virginia Clem and her nerves of steel. GYRO359 and his ability to grind his way back from any chip deficit, never mind if he has a stack to play with which he does, as does VC. GYRO has also moved into the top ten of the overall standings btw. Fahgeddaboudit! The kid pbmille3 has $77.8k, miss clem $66.2k and The Swede $43.4k. This turned out to be quite the battle. It went on for about 12 minutes, which is quite a while in the fast paced world of internet poker, especially with these big blinds and a 3 handed table. The stacks fluctuated quite a bit back and forth, then miss clem won a couple good hands and took the lead with a nice $100k stack, followed by GYRO who was amazingly back at $45k after a near death experience, and pb with $33k. A few hands later The Swede has lost a few chips and it was cone vs cone as GYRO359 and Virginia Clem squared off-

Dealer: GYRO359 posts the small blind $5000.00
Dealer: pbmille3 posts the big blind $10000.00
Virginia Clem- KsKc,  GYRO359- 10h7h
Dealer: Virginia Clem calls $10000.00 (sneaky miss clem, verrrrry sneaky!)
Dealer: GYRO359 calls $5000.00
Dealer: pbmille3 checks
Dealer: DEALING FLOP 10sQd2d
Dealer: GYRO359 goes all in $15220.00
Dealer: pbmille3 folds
Dealer: Virginia Clem calls $15220.00
Dealer: Virginia Clem shows Two Pair, Kings and Deuces
Dealer: GYRO359 shows Two Pair, Tens and Deuces
Dealer: GYRO359 shows Two Pair, Tens and Deuces
Dealer: Virginia Clem shows Two Pair, Kings and Deuces
Dealer: Hand 451139111: Virginia Clem wins main pot($60440.00) with Two Pair, Kings and Deuces
GYRO359 finishes in 3rd place. GREAT GAME

H2H- Virginia Clem vs pbmille3
Well, the kid has outlasted one sno job but now he is surely going to be frozen out. miss clem has a considerable stack advantage, $144k to $43k. Hold on though because we have another battle coming. This H2H would last 14 minutes with some big swings in stack sizes. Just two minutes in pb had pulled ahead $136k to $51, but a couple hands later miss clem had gone back ahead $102k to $85k. They sparred around for a while, and just like the final 3 play with GYRO there was a lot of pushing and maneuvering, and mucking of winning hands, which kept the other players and the railbirds guessing. Some really enjoyable poker to watch. No limping and checking going on here. We got some playahs baby! 11 minutes in VC has gone way ahead again, $155k to $32k and has pb on the ropes. He doubles up to $66k then over the next few minutes the kid amazingly takes the lead back from miss clem and is ahead $132k to $55k. He adds a little to that lead and then we come to the final hand-

Dealer: Virginia Clem posts the small blind $7500.00
Dealer: pbmille3 posts the big blind $15000.00
pbmille3- 5h4h, Virginia Clem- Kd7h
Dealer: Virginia Clem calls $7500.00
Dealer: pbmille3 checks
Dealer: DEALING FLOP 9d7d5c
Dealer: pbmille3 bets $43400.00  (this kid is a cut throat!)
Dealer: Virginia Clem goes all in $25340.00 (she doesn't frighten easily!)
Dealer: $18060.00 is not called, return back to pbmille3
Dealer: Virginia Clem shows Two Pair, Sevens and Fives
Dealer: pbmille3 shows Three of a Kind, Fives
Dealer: pbmille3 shows a Full House, Fives full of Fours
Dealer: Virginia Clem shows Two Pair, Sevens and Fives
Dealer: Hand 451140687: pbmille3 wins main pot($80680.00) with a Full House, Fives full of Fours
Dealer: Virginia Clem finished in 2nd place
Dealer: pbmille3 finished in 1st place 
[pbmille3]:  Take care everyone.  Can't believe 2 weeks in a row (The kid is growing on me)

The epic H2H we have been waiting for. Very well played all the way around.
Congrats to Virginia Clem for a terrific 2nd place finish. Very very good game!

pbmille3 wins Week 7 of The Peoples Champion  WELL DONE!
Yes, his 2nd consecutive win and also our new series leader.

Winners Prize: The ESPN "Insiders Special"
One Year subscription to ESPN Insider
180 Tournaments Points
$500,000 in EPC chips