Another interesting and strong TPC final table- plact1, redsox rules and pbmille3 were all making their 3rd ft appearance of the series, and Mitch7676 his second. redsox rules had already clinched retaking the overall series lead away from rocklawr with his final table appearance, but if he or any of the others wanted to secure more points, or possibly a win, they would have to navigate their way through this motley crew of players: burning pee, Mithrall, whowantsapiece, ACES555, copenace22 and newcomer icebiz. Yeah, good luck with that. Here's how it played out-

                                                                                                                              THE FINAL TABLE
Starting Stacks
plact1- $41,695
burning pee- $34,735
Mithrall- $33,190
pbmille3- $20,645
redsox rules- $17,795
whowantsapiece- $14,700
ACES555- $12,460
copenace22- $11,100
icebiz- $5,170
Mitch7676- $3,510


icebiz is a relative unknown to most and made the TPC series by way of a 3rd place finish in the Tuesday Night Poker League. He (not really sure about that actually, could be a she) made a nice run a couple weeks ago but was cut short of the final table, finishing 17th. He made it tonight but arrived a bit shortstacked at $5k and utg of the $1k/$2k blinds. So it was that he decided to rest his fortunes on a decent hand of suited JcQc, putting all his chips into play preflop the first hand of the ft. pbmille3 called w/ Ad9d and action folded around to Mithrall who was in the big blind holding 9s6h and paid the $3k raise. The flop came 9c9hAc. Well, Miths rags have flopped a set, but little does he know that pbmille has flopped a boat, while icebiz is all but drawing dead but does have a few slim runner ops out there, most notably the royal draw. Mith bets $6k on the flop and pb has to love seeing that. pb re-raises $6k. Mith re-re-raises $9k and pb puts the last of his chips, $3k, all in with the call. $6k is returned to Mith and we go to the draw with Mith drawing dead. The turn comes Kc, keeping icebiz alive with the royal draw. No 10c on the river tho and pbmille picks up a nice $47k pot and icebiz ends the night in 10th place. gg

copenace22, a former Best On Sunday Winner, Champions League participant, and all around tough out, tries to play The Peoples Champion as much as time allows, and we are glad to see he could make it tonight. He also got to the ft on the lower end of the stack scale, but after about 10 minutes he had added a few chips and was up $15.5k. After ACES, wwap and bp folded, cope raised the $3k bb to $9k with a mid pp of 8h8d. It looked like he might at least get a little seed money and take down the blinds as everyone folded but pbmille was sitting in the bb with KdKs and quickly bangs all in a whopping $44k. A lil over kill there as cope only had $6.5k left lol, but it did get a "ahhh chit" out of cope before he finally made the call. The draw came 3s4s5c2h3h, and without netting a two out 8 from the infamous espn river (or at least an A or 6 for the str8 split) copenace22 exits in 9th place. gg

It's about time that smfer burning pee did something in this tournament. All jokes aside though bp has won nearly every tournament there is to win at ESPN and it figures to only be a matter of time before he wins a TPC tournament. Will it be tonight? I won't pretend to weigh suspense in the matter; no it won't be tonight lol. But again, if he keeps playing it's surely almost inevitable the win will come eventually. Yeah, the smfer's got game. After arriving at the ft with the 2nd most chips bp had held ground and stood at about $32k, still second best on the table but covered 2-1 by pbmille. bp is sitting in the bb and action folds around to mr pbmille, who has AdJs and raises 2x the blind $8k. Shortstacked ACES555 makes the painful fold from the sb and bp, who is holding Kh9c, calls. sb, bb, pb, bp....bp's full of bs....aye, can get confusing. Ok- its pbmille3 (AdJh) vs burning pee (Kh9c). pb vs bp! The flop comes QdAsKd, pb pairs his A and bp pairs his K. bp checks, pb raises $15k, and bp calls. The turn is a meaningless 4c. bp dumps all in $10k, likely thinking that pb's previous bet was a semi-bluff after he had checked to him, but it wasnt and pb makes the quick call. After all these initials I've lost track of what could save bp, I guess a K or 9, but the river is 10h, giving pb the str8 and the win, and burning pee finishes in 8th place. gg doosh!

Mitch7676 has been tonights shortstack survivor, lasting close to 20 minutes after arriving to the final table with the smallest amount of chips, $3.5k and about even with the blinds. Even though he had doubled them up to a little over $6k, it was too much to over come. When the $4k bb came to Mitch he was as fortunate as he could probably ask, holding AdQs. He could have asked for a more fortunate draw tho as he ended up going up against two pp's; ACES555's KhKs and plact1's 7c7d. ACES was shortstacked himself and didnt have Mitch covered, but plact1 did. Mitch needed an A or Q to stay in the game, but the draw came 8s10s8d4d5h, tripling up ACES and sending Mitch7676 out in 7th place. gg

There's a player at ESPN Poker that's on one of those rolls, tearing it up in a lot of leagues and tournaments, and his name is redsox rules. 7th in the last series of The Race for the Poker cup, currently 2nd in the Aces Up standings,  22nd in the MBI standings, and now in 1st place in The Peoples Champion series standings. Not too shabby. He already has a 3rd and a 4th place finish in TPC play and has made another deep run tonight. redsox hasnt had much to play with it seems so far on this final table and after starting it with a mid sized stack of almost $18k has dwindled down to $4.6k, most of which gets drawn into play by the $4k bb. pbmille3 raises $4k with Ac5h and after action folds around to him redsox pretty much has to call with anything, which he does, and heads to the flop quite a bit behind holding 5d3c. The flop comes 5c9dAh and now redsox is all but dead needing runner 3's to survive. Instead it's runner K's and redsox rules bows out with a solid 6th place finish. gg

After redsox rules exit pbmille3 is the chip leader at $110k, holding a big advantage over the other 4 players- plact1 at $38k, Mithrall at $28k, whowantsapiece at $17k and ACES555 hanging tough with a little under $2k. pb took $12k from Mith to extend his lead, and now the only real threat to pbmille is one of the other players taking down a couple big hands in a row and that's exactly what happened. First it was plact1 and Mithrall (another player who has won just about everything there is to win at EPSN Poker), who sat in the $3k/$6k blinds respectively. pb and ACES folded, then plact raised $9k. Mith only has this raise covered by a few hundred dollars in chips, and after a reminder from the dealer he had but a few seconds left to act, goes all in. plact calls the $230 raise of course and they head to the flop with Mith's Qh9d trailing placts Ah9s. After the flop came 6s8c7d Mith has gained a few more outs towards a split pot needing a 5 or 10 for the str8, or the Q for the win, but its 7d Jh and Mithrall's first TPC ft ends with a very nice 5th place. vgg

After taking out Mithrall, one of the strongest players around EPC, plact1 ends up in a face off with whowantsapiece....not a lot of drop off there, that's for sure. "wwap" has made his mark in everything from SQ play to the Gauntlet, and beyond, and his name speaks for itself. plact has a nice stack of over $50k at this point and has wwap's $8.4k well covered. plact1 and pbmille post the $3k/$6k blinds and after ACES folds wwap pushes all in with QhJd. plact calls the $5.4 raise with Jc10d and pbmille3 folds, deciding his rags weren't worth paying the $2.4k difference and letting wwap and plact square off. wwap probably likes his chances of a double up + with QJ vs J10, and is still ahead after a 3hKs9d flop. But the turn is Qc, giving plact the str8 and now wwap needs a 10 only to split but the river is another Q and whowantsapiece takes a bit of a tough beat to finish in 4th place. vgg.

Down to the final 3 now. ACES555 has made a remarkable run on this final table after being all but out a couple times and now sits with a little over $17k but the $6k bb takes a pretty big bite out of that. pbmille3 has a huge stack and after plact1 folds he raises $6k with a $12k bet. ACES may have seen this as a bully maneuver. decides he wants to see if his 6s5h can catch anything on the flop and calls. The flop comes Ac6hKs and pb puts out another $6 for ACES to call. It's not the best flop he could have gotten but he has paired his 6, and is fairly well committed, so ACES calls, putting his last $5.4 k in. Bad news for ACES when pbmille flips over pp QsQh and after the draw finishes with 9d4c ACES555 heads to the rail with a well earned 3rd place finish. vgg

H2H- pbmille3 vs plact1
This turned out to be the longest and most up and down h2h in The Peoples Champion's short 6 week history. pb started out with a big advantage, up $138k to $57k. Blinds are still $3k/$6k. The sb folded for 4 hands and then plact won a $48k pot. pb took placts bb from him the next hand but then plact won another good pot, this one $36k. They sparred around for a few hands, with pb getting a decent pot in one of them, and then plact took down a $66k pot and had taken the lead for the first time in the h2h, $111k to $84k. It's worth noting that not one hand has the winner had to show his cards. It continued on this way, back and forth with a lot of winning hands mucked then pb took the lead back going up $130k to $65k by taking down a big $90k pot. Again the winning hand was mucked. And again plact was able to come back, pulling within $4k of pb after a few hands. A fun h2h to watch as they battled for 15 minutes or so, then pb struck back, again taking a big lead $144k to $50k. Two hands later it was over-

The Final Hand
Dealer: plact1 posts the small blind $5000.00
Dealer: pbmille3 posts the big blind $10000.00
(plact1- 7h7c, pbmille3- AsKs)
Dealer: plact1 goes all in $55485.00
Dealer: pbmille3 calls $50485.00
Dealer: DEALING FLOP (8s 6c 3h)
Dealer: plact1 shows a Pair, Sevens
Dealer: pbmille3 shows High Card, Ace
Dealer: DEALING TURN (6h)
Dealer: pbmille3 shows Two Pair, Aces and Sixes
Dealer: plact1 shows Two Pair, Sevens and Sixes
Dealer: Hand 450291215: pbmille3 wins main pot($120970.00) with Two Pair, Aces and Sixes
Dealer: plact1 finished in 2nd place
Dealer: pbmille3 finished in 1st place 

plact1 takes the painful beat on the river in stride and congratulates pbmille3 on his victory.
Congrats as well to plact1 for his impressive h2h battle and 2nd place finish.  Great game.

pbmille3 wins week 6 of The Peoples Champion. Well Done!