Very tough final table. headhunter29, superstreet5, and plact1 were on their 2nd TPC final table, as were past TPC winners rocklawr and RustyJones. This makes 3 in a row for kacy, awesome job. Rounding it out were BobbyKawasaki, hasher79, Parkland Gator and harrybhb; not exactly slouches. Here's a quick recap (please excuse the typos etc, ran late this week so there was minimal time for writing and even less for editing).

                                                                                                                              THE FINAL TABLE
headhunter29- $43,645
superstreet5- $36,120
hasher79- $33,665
rocklawr- $24,640
harrybhb- $23,230
RustyJones- $16,920
plact1- $15,310
Parkland Gator- $7,605
BobbyKawasaki- $5,470
kacy- $3,395


kacy got to the ft very shortstacked but was fortunate enough to be placed right on the button, allowing him to see a few hands before the blinds got him all in. Unfortunately, nothing nice came and when the $2k/$4k blinds hit he was put all in holding 10 9o. Everyone but hasher79, who had Kc10c, folded around to plact1 who paid the $1395 difference to see the flop. Flop- Qc3h4c. hashers on a flush draw, nada for kacy. plact checks, hasher checks. Turn- Ks. hasher paired his K. plact checks hasher checks. River- 6s. hasher bets $8k and plact folds. kacys exits with 10th. gg

Booby K! Nice to see BK make a final table appearance, but like kacy he limped into it dangerously low on chips. Unlike kacy though he got to the flop all in ahead- Bobby got Ah10c and with the $3k/$6k blinds bearing down on him dumped the last of his chips in. Everyone folded and he went to the flop against hasher, who had Bobby's all in covered by way of the big blind and was holding 4d9c. The flop came 9sKd8s, pairing hashers 9. Bobby still has two overs but the turn came 8c and the river 5s, and BobbyKawasaki finishes in 9th place. gg

RustyJones. A threat to win every time he registers for a tounament. He has been a top finisher in all the tough series played on EPC, from the Gauntlet to the MBI, and this is proving no different. He got to the ft with a mid sized stack but it wasn't in the cards tonight and when he got his final chips it wasn't under favorable circumstances- Down to $4300 in chips he pays the $3k sb and is dealt 10d 8s. hasher raises 2x the bb w/ AQo, harrybhb calls and RJ tosses the rest of his chips, $1300, into the pot hoping his rags can hit for a nice triple up. Parkland Gator also calls and now RJ is looking at a possible fourple. The flop came 9d4d3d and everyone checked it off. The turn is 5d. RJ has a 10 hi flush and a ray of hope. After everyone checked it off again he had to like his chances. Little does he know hasher is holding a nut flush and praying someone will bet. The river comes 10h. Gator checks and after hasher puts out a $10k bet Gator and harry fold. RustyJones finished with in 8th place. *snort* gg

harrybhb, the man with 1000 nicknames and winner of the Best On Sunday for the year, also got to the ft in decent shape, but not quite strong enough to cover up for a lot of dead cards. Having had his stack whittled down to about $9k and exactly that much in blinds coming his way fast he put it all into play preflop with a pp 22. He got one call and unforunatey for harry it was superstreet5 with a better pp of 55. "Dirty Harry" (the people have spoken! jaja) couldn't catch the 2 outter to put a dirty beat on super and harrybhb goes out 7th. gg

rocklawr and Parkland Gator were in the $3k/$6k blinds respectively and after everyone folded around to him except headhunter who had limped in, rocklar raised the price to see the flop $6k Gator folded and headhunter flat called. We are now looking at a $30k pot and rocklawr has about $20k in chips left, headhunter is just under $11k. The flop came 10hJh4h. rock bets $11k. hh thinks about it a minute and calls all in. Ohoohhhh man...rock has As8c and hhunter has AhQd. They have both missed, but hh is on a nut flush draw. rock is behind and only the 8s or 8d can save him at this point. The turn is 10s, pairing the board and giving rock a few more outs, J or 4. The river comes....ouch ouch ouch 8d for rock. headhunter79 has been forging a winning rep at the EPC and has been a force in TPC play as well. He took a tough beat from rocklawr in this one to end his game but was very gracious in defeat, a very welcome attribute for a new top player at our humble site. headhunter79 finishes 6th. gg

plact1 has been involved in a couple hands of this ft but hasn't been able to make a catch or a maneuver, and is all but out, sitting now with $650 in chips. plact is pulled all in by the sb and action folds around to superstreet who is in the bb. After most of the bb is returned to super we see all those folds must have been a bit of a bummer because super is holding AA. Poor plact got 10 5o to hinge his hopes on. No help arrives on the draw and plact1 exits with a very solid 5th place finish. vgg

Our stacks are now as follows: Parkland Gator- $20k, superstreet5- $32k, hasher79- $54k, and rocklaw is the chip leader at $90k. hasher and rock had basically switched stacks after the rock dealt hashman a beat, and hasher set out to rectify that situation by any means necessary. First up was Parkland Gator. Blinds are now at $5k/$10k. superstreet5 is sb, hasher is bb. After rock folds Gator puts his $20k all in with a strong AdKh. super doesnt have a good enough hand to call the $15k difference, but hasher decides to gamble with Kc6h and pays the extra $10k to see the flop. When he see's Gators hand he quickly realizes he is in trouble. The flop comes 4d10s10c, no help for hasher and Gator stays ahead. The turn comes up a 6d and now the tables are turned and it's Gator who is in trouble. His game is over unless the river brings a 3 out K, but it is another 6 and another tough beat as Parkland Gator end the night with a nice 4th place finish.

superstreet5 in the $10k bb, which represents almost 1/3 his $32k stack. hasher likes his suited Ad6d and puts a little more than half his stack into play, $45k. rocklawr quickly folds his sb hand, and super, a tough player that doesnt frighten easily and isn't afraid to take chances, decides it's time to bust a move and calls with suited Jc6c. He is going to need a J or some clubs to steal this hand from hasher but the draw comes Qh10c6h2h2d and supertreet5 goes out with a great 3rd place finish. vgg pardner!

H2H- rocklawr vs hasher79
Two very tough players. hasher79 has been winning and making final tables like a mad man since his return to EPC and rock....well what can I say, it's been one of the great pleasures of the TPC for me to watch him play. I had never really gotten the chance before this. I have had the 'misfortune' of being placed on his table for a considerable amount of time in a couple of these tournaments and he has quickly become one of those players I just don't want to tangle with. He reminds me a bit of Oz Chambers in not just style of play and fun chat on the table, but also in that I feel I could greatly improve my play if I were able to learn a few things from him. Maybe I can glean some insight and info from him if I can get him to sit down and shoot the breeze for 15 minutes...

They started their h3h fairly even in chips, with hasher holding a slight edge. hasher then won a cpl hands to jump ahead $154k to $66k. rock than took the blinds down 5 straight hands to even things back up and then we came to this-

The Final Hand
Dealer: rocklawr posts the small blind $7500.00
Dealer: hasher79 posts the big blind $15000.00
Dealer: DEALING POCKETS (rocklawr- 7h10c, hasher79- 2s3c)
Dealer: rocklawr calls $7500.00
Dealer: hasher79, it's your turn. You have 10 seconds to act
Dealer: hasher79, it's your turn. You have 5 seconds to act
Dealer: hasher79 checks
Dealer: DEALING FLOP (8c6d5d)
Dealer: hasher79 bets $15000.00
Dealer: rocklawr calls $15000.00
Dealer: DEALING TURN (4d)
Dealer: hasher79 checks
Dealer: rocklawr bets $30000.00
Dealer: hasher79 goes all in $55897.50
Dealer: rocklawr calls $25897.50
Dealer: hasher79 shows a Straight, Six high
Dealer: rocklawr shows a Straight, Eight high
Dealer: hasher79 shows a Straight, Six high
Dealer: rocklawr shows a Straight, Eight high
Dealer: Hand 449408689: rocklawr wins main pot($171795.00) with a Straight, Eight high
Dealer: hasher79 finished in 2nd place
Dealer: rocklawr finished in 1st place

hasher caught the 6 hi straight on the turn, but rock had also caught a straight and his was 8 hi.
Congrats hasher79 on a very well played tournament and 2nd place finish.

rocklawr wins week 5 of The Peoples Champion. Well Done.