This final table certainly had a little bit of everything- Something old (represented most notably by old guard members rocklawr and 26Milo), something new (led by brash and fearless young guns DD12, MARSMOUNTAIN, and fockerintrainin, among others), something borrowed (some chips from rocklawr, but then later returned of course as the word borrowed would indeed indicate), and...darn, if only SIU had made a showing, we would have a nice blue item. You're my boy blue! We also have bosox fan redsox rules making his 2nd final table appearance in 3 weeks and gunning for the overall lead. Rounding it out are Mitch7676, kacy, fwdtx, and D-Cupcake. There is a FLOP MVP, a Champions League titlist and a former PMBO champion at the table. About the only thing we were missing was need more cards, who fell just short of his 3rd consecutive final table appearance with a very neat 11th place finish. It could be enough to put him in the overall lead depending on how our beantown boy finishes. Here is how it all went down-

                                                                                                                        THE FINAL TABLE

Mitch7676 $59,552.50
rocklawr $35,881.64

DD12 $26,491.64
D-Cupcake $25,649.20
fwdtx $23,943.34
kacy $13,180.00
redsox rules $8,592.50
26Milo $5,875.00
fockerintrainin $1987.50


Things were looking good for 26Milo as he neared the final table. He seemed to be focused and on his game, which meant trouble for many other players and a big stack of chippies for Milo. The guy can play. Unfortunately nobody can do anything about bad luck and much of it befell Milo right before the final table. The beats were tough, but not a result of donk play which might have taken a little bit of the sting out of them. A couple were against short stacks that got in with the best they had and caught a very fortuitous draw. One babystacker caught in the bb with J8 had to go all in and ended up against Milo's AJ. Lucky small fry caught an 8. There were 2 or 3 more similar hands and by the time it was over Milo limped to the final table very shortstacked and in the blinds. The bad luck continued after he got a seemingly good sb hand of Kd7s and went up against D-Cupcakes Kc3c. The flop came 8c2c7d, pairing Milo's 7 but also putting cupcake 4 to the flush. The last club almost had to come on the river the way things were going and it did. 26Milo exits with a very well played 10th place finish, albeit a tough ending. gg

fockerintrainin, a former Champions League titlist, also came into the final table on life support. With the bb bearing down on him he put the last of his chips, just under $2k, all in when he got a pp 33. action folded around to redsox rules, who was in the sb with 55 and he pays the $1500 difference. Mitch7676 checks from the bb. The flop comes 5s10h2d. redsox has hit the set and looking at a quite harmless draw decides to check and hope for a raise from Mitch, who also checks. This repeats after the turn comes Jd. The river brings a 6s, and also a bet from redsox rules. Mitch folds, and having been drawing dead at the turn fockerintrainin goes out 9th. gg

Out of 200 people that qualified for The Peoples Champion over the course of a year, even longer in the case of the MBI and PMBO qualifiers, only 8 people qualified more times than kacy, who did it 9 times. Always a threat to win any tournament, and a member of a few championship poker teams, kacy's name is well known around the EPC tables. Blinds are at $2k/$4k. Sitting on the button with AK after all the action folded around, kacy puts the last of his shortstack, about $7k, all in. Not a bad spot to be in at all. MARSMOUNTAIN folds but fwdtx, sitting with a bb special QhQc, calls. A nice pp against two overs. No help arrives for him in the 6s3c5d8c3c draw and kacy finishes in 8th place. gg

fwdtx is now sitting in the sb with a manageable $12k stack. Everyone folds around and he limps in with Q7. DD12 checks from the bb with Q9. The flop comes 52Q. Both have hit top pair. fwdtx checks and DD12 decides to check as well. The turn brings an 8 and now they are ready to play as fwdtx goes all in and DD12 calls. DD12 has the better kicker and the only thing that will save fwdtx is a 7 on the river but it is a 3 and fwdtx finishes a very respectable 7th. gg

After some very solid card play through the night rocklawr, a former PMBO champ, had been fairly quiet for most of the final table play, except for some jabs at a couple redsox fans, a few cheese related comments and even the conception of a new phrase (I will share it after I get the copyright). That was about to change in a very big way. MARSMOUNTAIN, a mostly unknown player who happened across one of The Peoples Champion Open Qualifers, and after deciding to enter it did quite stellar,  was making a good showing this evening as well. Blinds are now $3k/$6k. MARS pays the sb, chip leader DD12 (who had gotten a good handful of his chips from rocklawr) pays the bb and action folds to rock, who has finally gotten a decent hand of AhQs and raises 2x the bb, $12k. Everyone quickly jumps out of the way before MARS dumps in the rest of his $16k in chips, deciding to rest his fortunes on a 6dKd hand. DD12 has gotten a nice bb hand of 10h10c and calls. Back to rock who re-raises the re-raise, going all in with $28k. Yikes! This has to be unsettling for DD12, to say the least, but he calls the extra $21k and we are off to the races! MARS is a big underdog here, and even more so after the flop comes 3d5sAd. rock has paired his ace and MARS is all but dead in the water. No 10 comes on the turn or river for DD12 and not only does rock stay in the game but he is now the big rigger chip leader. MARSMOUNTAIN exits with a nice 6th place finish. gg

Half way home with 5 people left. 4 of them are faced with the unsavory prospect of trying to wrestle chips from rocklawr. Not an enviable task at all. Despite his good humored self-deprecating comments, he is well known for his solid card play. He has amassed a nice stack of chips and is hungry for more. He eyes other peoples chips like so many cheese-its and gets down to business. Next up is Mitch7676. Like Milo, Mitch had gotten his chips into play with the better hand only to have the draw pull the carpet out from under him and is now hanging tough with a smallish $16k stack with blinds still at $3k/$6k. rocklawr raises 2x the blinds again from early position, this time with 7c7h. Action folds around to Mitch, who is in the sb holding JQo, and he goes all in with his last $13k. DD12 says this is like deja vu all over again and quickly folds. rock calls the $4k and again we go to the flop with a pp vs two overs, only this time rock has the pp. The flop comes 10 2 4. No help for Mitch. The turn is a J!!! Mitch takes the lead! Uhoh... the river is a 7 giving rock the set and sending Mitch to the rail. Going from elation to deflation in under 2 seconds (sounds like my last date) Mitch7676 finishes a solid 5th. vgg

redsox rules, who not only runs The Race for the Poker cup but also plays in it and does quite well, has now gone deep enough in the tournament to take the overall lead in The Peoples Champion. He would surely like to keep going for the win, but it will have to wait, for tonight is looking to belong to a rep from the evil empire. Yes, rocklawr is a Yankees fan and has thrown a few good-natured jabs the beantown fans way, and now is going to throw something else at him- a tough beat. rock is the sb and redsox is the bb. DD12 and D-cupcake fold to rock, who limps in with 3d2h. redsox is holding Qs9s, a nice short table hand even if it wasn't suited, and deciding a big stack limper was most likely weak he goes all in. This amounts to a $4k raise, a mere pittance for chip leader rock, and with an eye on the $13k pot he says "you're going to love this" and calls. redsox had to have at least liked what he saw, if not loved, and his feelings weren't changed too much by a 7s5h4d flop, altho rock is now on an open ended straight draw. redsox nation holds its breath as the turn comes a harmless 8d but their hope drowns in a river that brings an Ad and give rock the straight. redsox made a nice run considering how short stacked he was when he got to the ft, and there are no 'wait till next year' jokes as everyone from the table and rail offers well deserved congrats to redsox rules for a great 4th place finish. vgg.

The final three presented an intriguing scenario. We have two of the previously mentioned young guns, BADazzBEAR teammates DD12 and D-Cupcake, vs oldie rocklaw. Will the ol' grizzly hold off the charging bear cubs? As if  selecting delectable treats from a cheese tray, rock has picked off a succession of players in short order and is ready to use his formidable chip stack to bend the action to his will. The 3 battled around for about 10 minutes until this hand- The blinds are $5k/$10k, D-Cupcake has $47.8k and DD12, a former FLOP MVP, has 49.2k. rocklawr folds after cupcake goes all in utg. DD12 calls. It's bear vs bear. and with nearly identical stacks the loser is either out or close enough for gov't work. cupcake has AhKc and DD12 has 10 10, the same hand he lost to rock with earlier. Once again he is up against two overs and once again one hits as the flop brings the K for cupcake. No two-outer comes and DD12 finishes a very strong 3rd. great game.

rocklawr vs D-Cupcake h2h
rocklawr has the chip lead and seemingly all the mojo, but it isn't a huge lead, $133k to $97k, and maybe we will get the long epic h2h battle we have been waiting for. That notion is squashed after about 4 minutes but hey, it lasted longer than my last date...

The Final Hand
Dealer: rocklawr posts the small blind $5,000.00
Dealer: D-Cupcake posts the big blind $10,000.00
(D-Cupcake is dealt 4s4c, rocklawr is dealt Kh10h)
Dealer: rocklawr calls $5,000.00    
Dealer: D-Cupcake raises $21,600.00
Dealer: rocklawr calls $21,600.00    
Dealer: DEALING FLOP  9h Jh 7h
Dealer: D-Cupcake checks
Dealer: rocklawr checks
Dealer: DEALING TURN  7d   
Dealer: D-Cupcake bets $20,000.00    
Dealer: rocklawr goes all-in $96,387.72
Dealer: D-Cupcake goes all-in     $ 50,412.28
Dealer: rocklawr is returned uncalled portion of bet $25,975.44
Dealer: D-Cupcake shows Two Pair, Nines and Sevens
Dealer: rocklawr shows Flush King High
Dealer: D-Cupcake finished in 2nd place
Dealer: rocklawr finished in 1st place

So once again we see a pp go up against two overs, and once again it's deja vu all over again (no, that isn't the phrase rocklawr made up, altho I am sure he wishes he had) as the over cards come from slightly behind to catch a winner. A very smooth non-bet by rock after flopping the K hi flush. Very very good game D-Cupcake finishing 2nd.

rocklawr wins week three of The Peoples Champion. Well Done.

Winners Prize: Autographed Jennifer Tilly WPT Bio