One word for this final table- POWERHOUSE. A lot of big names: bigalzzz- qualified for this TPC series an amazing 14 times over- nobody had as many. RustyJones- firmly cemented on the top shelf, front row of the EPC hierarchy. need more cards- need I say more? the name says it all. GYRO359, aka "The Swede"- this quiet player flies under the radar, but he has been tearing it up for quite a while now. plact1- another one that seems to have been winning since the beginning of EPC time. AAwingnut- a player with AA in his name that delivers on a regular basis- very rare indeed. And that crazy cat  mitka5087- I hear a lot of things about his play but what I SEE are a lot of wins and final tables. Also we have fast rising EPC stars smitten_kitten- a former Gauntlet winner and co-capt of The Donk Squad, and pbmille3- joins GYRO and nmc on their 2nd TPC final table in as many week- very nice! Wait a sec...what's this...slickman420? Wow, the old tree lovin' war horse doesn't play on EPC as much as he used to, but is bound to do some damage with a mid sized stack. There are a few short stacks on the verge of blinding out, GYRO, kitten, and alzzz in particular, but one or two of them might have some life left yet. Here's how it played out-
                                                                                                                       THE FINAL TABLE

AAwingnut- $64,740
plact1- $28,630
RustyJones- $27,945
need more cards- $27,520
mitka- $22,790
slickman420- $18,060
pbmille3- $13,780
smitten_kitten- $9,640
GYRO359- $6,605
bigalzzz- $5,290

BLINDS- $2k/$4k

As mentioned last week after his strong 2nd place finish, and again in my book of an intro, pbmille is quickly getting people's attention at the EPC. When the last two tables joined together for the final, pb was in the middle of a showdown with AAwingnut. After wingnut and need more cards had limped into the hand, pbmille3, who was in the sb, put the rest of his stack all in with AJo/s. wingnut called with 77 and nmc folded. pb couldn't catch one of his over cards so his final table appearance was cut quite short, but combined with last weeks finish it puts him in the overall lead. pbmille finishes 10th. gg

For the next 10 minutes or so nobody went out, but GYRO, after a couple desperation short stack all in's, and then a very smooth call with a big pocket pair, built up a nice chip stack and then put it to good use. After need more cards and smitten_kitten paid the $3k/$6k blinds respectively, everyone folded around to GYRO who raised the price of admission to see the flop to a lil over $17k. After RJ quickly folded to get out of the way plact1 put the rest of his stack, $13.6k, all in, and nmc did the same with his last $5k, and kitten folded. About $4k is returned to GYRO, who has them both covered, and we're off to the races. GYRO has 66, plact1 has AK and nmc has A 10. The Swedes 6's hold up. need more cards goes out 9th, plact1 finishes 8th. gg's

GYRO has quickly gone from the brink of elimination to being the 2nd best stack on the table just behind AAwingnut. He has about 46k and is in the bb for $6k. Action folds around to bigalzzz, who decides that with $9k blinds and a $10k stack that AJc represents a good time to bust a move, and he pops all in. Everyone folds and GYRO calls with 75o, only having to pay 4k more for a chance at a $20k pot.  The flop brings K 5 10 rainbow, pairing GYRO's 5 and leaving al with a gutshot draw and two overs, but The Swede is in the hot seat now and no help comes for al. bigalzzz finishes 7th. gg

Ahhhh slickman420...he fell victim to the ol' espn boot. I had been wondering why he was being so quiet. Having managed to get logged back onto the game client he was able to save his blinds once or twice, and now down to about $10k gets all in preflop with A 10, a pretty good hand on a short handed table. But RJ has QQ and it holds to send slick to the rail. There will be no 'congrats to slickman for winning...' thread tonight but he does win the biggest smfer to reach the TPC final table award. jajaja! Glad you could make it, hope to see you next week. slickman finishes 6th. gg

Most likely having gone card dead for a while, mitka has been fairly quiet so far. After finally getting some decent cards to play but then taking a tough beat from smitten_kitten, she then finishes him off a hand later with a Q hi str8 to beat his J hi str8. mitka finishes 5th. vgg mitty.

2 hands in a row GYRO got all in preflop with a decent ace but ran into a stronger ace both times and couldn't snag the 3 outter to come from behind. Luckily both times it was against a smaller stack but now his stack has shrunken quite a bit itself and the 3rd time he runs into a better ace its against AAwingnuts big stack. Once again the better pre-flop hand holds and bettering his 10th last week, GYRO359 exits with a very nice 4th place finish. vgg

Down to the final 3 now. smitten_kitten had been shortstacked most of the final table, and other than her dismantling of mitka had been doing a lot of folding. But after her all in button seemed to get stuck in the 'on' position for 4 or 5 hands in a row--all winners with a couple very fortuitous come from behind victories--she was now on a steady footing with AAwingnut and chip leader RustyJones. The 3 traded jabs for 10 minutes or so until an interesting 2 hand sequence between RJ and wingnut. After the flop RJ raised VERY hard and after a slight pause wingnut said he was folding mid pair, I believe it was 7 or 8, then RJ slyly flashed a pair of sixes. Oohhhh the pain. The next hand was pretty much the same deal, with wingnut pairing his ace on the flop, but this time after RJ's big raise wingnut pops all in with A5. Unfortunately for him RJ is holding A9. It holds and AAwingnut finishes with an impressive 3rd place. great game.

RustyJones vs smitten_kitten h2h
This was a well played and fun to watch h2h between Donk Squad captain RJ and his trusty co-capt smitten_kitten. After RJ got well ahead in chips and ready to bully his way to a quick and decisive victory, kitten said not so fast and managed to even things up.

The final hand-  The stacks are pretty close , with RJ ahead $119k to $102k. Blinds are $7.5k/$15k. RJ is dealt Qd10s and kitten gets AdKc.

RustyJones: "I think that Q 10 has to be one of the stronger hands heads up but I really just try to play by feel and at that point I had not raised a hand to her heads up so I overplayed it. After AAwingnut went out I had double her chips but she won 3 or 4 in a row where I had just crap so Q 10 looked like gold and a chance to at least force her out of one hand and establish my lead again but she called then I made a continuation bet on the flop (all low crap) and her reraise seemed to tell me she had hit a pair and wanted me out but I felt I had commited myself and at worst had 2 over cards to her pair. Turns out she had 2 overs on me (AK) but I hit the turn and she was all in."

Dealer details-
Dealer: RustyJones posts the small blind $7500.00
Dealer: smitten_kitten posts the big blind $15000.00
Dealer: RustyJones raises $26160.00 to $41160.00
Dealer: smitten_kitten calls $26160.00
Dealer: smitten_kitten checks
Dealer: RustyJones bets $46920.00
Dealer: smitten_kitten goes all in $61840.00
Dealer: RustyJones, it's your turn. You have 10 seconds to act
Dealer: RustyJones calls $14920.00
Dealer: RustyJones shows High Card, Queen
Dealer: smitten_kitten shows High Card, Ace
Dealer: RustyJones shows a Pair, Tens
Dealer: smitten_kitten shows High Card, Ace
Dealer: smitten_kitten shows High Card, Ace
Dealer: RustyJones shows a Pair, Tens
Dealer: Hand 446674736: RustyJones wins main pot($206000.00) with a Pair, Tens
Dealer: smitten_kitten finished in 2nd place
Dealer: RustyJones finished in 1st place

Great games both kitten and RJ!

RustyJones wins week two of The Peoples Champion. Well Done.

Winners Prize: WSOP hat signed by Phil Hellmuth