Sorry peeps, been sick as a dog...a dog that's really sick that is. Congrats to trolltamer for winning week 11, but the big winner of week 11 was pbmille3, who clinched the title of The Peoples Champion. RustyJones did everything he could to stay alive heading into the final week but his 3rd place finish wasn't enough as pbmille3 made yet another final table, his 7th.

Heading into the final week there are still things to be sorted out- 2nd place will get a cool $500k in play chips and the top 20 all get invites to a few more TPC series.

I just received a bunch of gear that was donated from Cake Poker for prizes, including some really nice jackets, but I need to do some figuring on the shipping thing. More info on that later.

Again, congrats to trolltamer for winning week 11 of The Peoples Champion. Prize TBA.

And a BIG CONGRATS to pbmille3, who gets the personally inscribed champions bracelet, a $50 deposit on Pokerstars and a lifetime exemption qualifier. Well Done!