Coming into week 10 of the inaugural running of The Peoples Champion we had several players starting to put some separation between themselves and the pack, and after tonight's game there are only 3 players with a shot at winning the bracelet. Overall, 8 of the 10 players on the final table were making a repeat performance. With yet another strong showing in making his amazing 6th final table appearance (a 60% ft percentage, wow lol), pbmille3 has become the heavy favorite, putting over 130 points between himself and 2nd place, occupied by redsox rule, with a solid 5th place finish. But there is more at stake than just winning the overall series and the lifetime TPC exemption, $50.00 pay site deposit, nifty champions bracelet and of course bragging rights that come with it. Depending on how our sponsorship shapes up, there could be prizes for some of the other top finishers as well (we are hoping for a little something for the top 10), plus the top 20 get an automatic invite back for the next 4 series.
     Week 10 saw kacy make the points for the 8th week in a row with a 19th place finish, breaking a 7 week tie with Dark angel. Very impressive. RustyJones, making his 4th TPC final table appearance, continued his resurrection, moving up in the standings once again, jumping from 7th to 3rd. plact1 was also making his 4th final appearance, and despite arriving quite short stacked managed a 4th place finish that moved him into the top 10 of the standings at 8th place. This was AAwingnuts 3rd final table of the series and he is just outside the top ten at 13th place. kytlc096 saw his stack shrink down to $480 on the hand that plact1 knocked Virginia Clem, who was making her 2nd ft appearance, out in 8th place, but manged to come back and hold on all the way to 3rd place. Very nice job there.
     Accomplished EPC veterans FULLER92 (2 ft's) and alamoterror just recently started giving the TPC their attention, and of course have been making their marks in it ever since. Oh and GatorzRulez (@sstroll!!! jajaja ) somehow donked his way to another final table, his 2nd, finishing a respectable 7th. He still has a decent shot at a top 20, currently sitting in 26th place. And last but not least there was headhunter29, who after making a few deep runs and playing well all series, got the win in fairly dominating fashion.
                                                                                                                           THE FINAL TABLE
Starting Stacks
headhunter29 $34,360
Virginia Clem $28,280
AAwingnut $23,255
pbmille3 $19,705
FULLER92 $17,720
RustyJones $14,455
alamoterror $13,070
kytlc096 $9,740
GatorzRules $5,870
plact1 $3,545


     The final table went 17 minutes before the first person was knocked out, but then sped up, only lasting 15 more minutes to finish up after that. The last 5 players went out in just under 5 minutes. The h2h between RJ and headhunter lasted 2 hands. So we head to the last two weeks with pbmille3 firmly in control and with a chance to clinch the title in week 11, and with many people jockeying for position in the top 10 and top 20. Good luck to all players!