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The final table looked to be interesting, and I watched it as close as I could while also playing a tournament on PokerStars. Hey, a pimps gotta eat. superstreet5 came in with a healthy chip lead, GYRO359 and Elvis D were a bit short stacked, most of the other stacks were fairly even, and everyone had some poker left.

GYRO359, 10th- GYRO, aka "The Swede", puts all his chips into play with QQ, and after a call by redsox rules with AKo he goes into the flop slightly ahead. The flop brings a K to put the redsox in the lead and The Swede can't catch the two-out Q to recover. GYRO359 finishes 10th. Good game.

Elvis D, 9th- Short stacked Elvis gets 77 for his bb and pops all in after everyone had folded to him except leev1027, who had limped in. Having plenty of chips and good pot odds, and also thinking Elvis was, as leev put it: "stealing from the cookie jar", leev calls with his J7o. It looks good for Elvis but quickly goes bad when a J appears on the flop. No one-outter for Elvis and he leaves the building 9th. Good game.

It was around this time chip leader superstreets problems started. pbmille had raised hard preflop and super called. I don't recall the particulars of the hand-super may have caught mid pair-but he lost a cpl more chips calling a small flop bet then folded to a bigger bet at the turn. super had this to say after the hand- "couple of minutes ago I called pbmilles all in...thought it was 3260 to call, actually was 32260." Ouch.

norm, 8th- pbmille, flush with chips after superstreets unfortunate miscue, sent norm to the rail in 8th place. No details of the hand available. Good game.

superstreet5, 7th- pbmille is rolling now and adds salt to superstreets wounds by taking down his all in with AK on a KQ flop with pbmille holding a monster QQ hand, sending super to the rail in 7th place. Well played game super, tough ending.

need more cards, 6th- I think his name should be 'see your cards', but he didn't see redsox rules boat cruising over his 2 pair to send him to a very nice 6th place finish. Good game.

perculator44, 5th- Making a name for himself as a short stack survivor, perc gets all in preflop with a very short stacked 49o in his big blind. anonymous1 has to call with his suited Q. He flops the flush to quickly dispel any hopes perc may have had for a fortuitous draw and sends him to the rail with a well earned 5th place finish. Very good game.

anonymous1, 4th- leev, who has been quiet for a little while, makes a somewhat modest preflop raise (for him lol) of 2x the blinds. anonymous1, who is in the bb with 33, goes all in. leev calls with 55 and it holds. anonymous1 finishes 4th. Very good game.

redsox rules, 3rd- redsox rules has about 17k in chips with $5k/$10k blinds and it's time to bust a move. The man behind The Race for the Poker Cup has won many races tonight and played superbly, but leev is in the hot seat now with a 7-1 chip advantage and sends him to the rail 3rd when the beantown boys 5's can't come from behind to beat leev's 10's. Great game.

pmbille vs leev1027 h2h-  Always a solid player at EPC, he has been on fire for a few months now and the freight train that is leev1027 can not be stopped. The final hand-

As recalled by leev1027 later: "I had either 5/7 of diamonds or 5/6 diamonds, I cant remember. I was four to the flush on the flop and hit bottom pair. There was an ace on the flop. he only bet 30k into me post flop and didn't go all in as he had done twice in like two out of the three hands previously, so I wasn't sure if he hit or was trying to string me along. I hit flush on the turn and it was pedal to the metal at that point. He had ace rag and I was praying he had paired his aces."

Dealer details-
Dealer: ** New hand[445776444] **
Dealer: leev1027 posts the small blind $5000.00
Dealer: pbmille3 posts the big blind $10000.00
Dealer: leev1027 calls $5000.00
Dealer: pbmille3, it's your turn. You have 10 seconds to act
Dealer: pbmille3 raises $10000.00 to $20000.00
Dealer: leev1027 calls $10000.00
Dealer: pbmille3 bets $30000.00
Dealer: leev1027 calls $30000.00
Dealer: pbmille3 goes all in $56645.00
Dealer: leev1027 calls $56645.00
Dealer: pbmille3 shows a Pair, Aces
Dealer: leev1027 shows a Flush
Dealer: Hand 445776444: leev1027 wins main pot($213290.00) with a Flush

pmbille, 2nd place. Great game, quickly making a name for yourself at EPC.

leev1027 wins the first tournament of The Peoples Champion. Well done.

Winners Prize: 2007 Razor Poker Signature Series Jennifer Harman Card

Prize donated by AK- Thanks!

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