How to qualify

Finish at or near the top of any of these multi-tournament events held at EPC and you will qualify-

Aces Up- Top 15 players in final standings
Best On Sunday- Top 10 players in promo final standings and top 25 players in year to date final standings
Champions League- Top 10 players in final standings
EPC Daily Leagues- Top 3 players in final standings
FLOP MVP- Top 10 players in final standings
MBI- Top 10 players in final standings and all past MBI Champions
PMBO- All past PMBO winners
Race for the Poker Cup- Top 10 players from final standings
The Gauntlet- Top 15 players from final standings
TPLE- Top 5 players from final standings
Open Qualifiers- Are held a month before each new TPC series.

Information on each qualifying category

All the tournaments listed below are played at the ESPN Poker Club. All times are ET.

Aces Up- Aces Up is a competitive 10 weeks series, with very solid play and some nice prizes to win, and is a great place to test your poker skills. It is a closed registration tournament, but there are a few ways to gain admittance. There are open qualifiers held before each Aces Up series and there are also invites that are allotted to some of the top finishers of the series.  Aces Up is played on Thursday evenings at 8:15pm. It is run by 4thefunofit.

Best On Sunday- Best On Sunday charts the accumulative scores of every player from the Sunday Qualifiers. Watch the EPC Message Board for standings updates or email us and we will send you the links you need. For more information on Sunday qualifiers see the How To Win page. Sunday Qualifiers take place every Sunday at 12pm, 5pm and 9pm. Best On Sunday is brought to you by goodtime4500.

Champions League- The top 10 finishers from the EPC Daily leagues and the top 5 finishers from the EPC Elite leagues gain admittance to the Champions league. League standings are posted weekly on the EPC Message Board or can be emailed to you directly by notifying us via email that you would like to receive them. Champions League is played on Tuesday evenings at 8:31pm. It is run by the EPC.

EPC Daily and Elite Leagues- The EPC Leagues are open to all and run daily Monday -Saturday. They are held as follows: Monday Poker League- 12:28pm, Monday Night Poker League- 9:20pm, Tuesday ELITE League- 7:25pm, Wednesday Poker League- 4:17pm, Thursday Night Poker League- 8:01pm, Thursday ELITE League- 11:20pm, Friday Poker League- 9:10pm, Saturday Poker League- 5:01pm. These leagues are run by the EPC.

FLOP MVP- FLOP is a team game where players collective scores are counted towards their teams score. Anyone can join up for a FLOP team. Here is the link to the FLOP league database- You need to join the FLOP Yahoo Group to be able to access it. FLOP has an open draft before the start of each 10 week session. prohta, the FLOP commissioner, will post news about the draft on the message board well before it takes place, and also the weekly standings and any other pertinent information. FLOP teams use the daily ESPN Daily League games for their scoring. Yeah I know that might sound confusing, but don't try and figure it all out at once, start by trying to get on a team. If you would like to be notified when the next FLOP draft will be held or have any questions, just email us. prohta is the current FLOP commissioner.

MBI- The Message Board Invitational, or MBI, is a grueling 10 week series that keeps an accumulative score for each player and has periodic elimination of low scores. Top finishers from each series are automatically allowed to play in the next one, and are also allotted invites to hand out to other players. There are generally plenty to go around and it is very rare that someone that wants to play cannot do so. As the name would indicate a general familiarity with the EPC Message Board is necessary. The MBI is played Saturday evenings at 9pm. It is run by Mr_Dastardly aka Twice Racked.

PMBO- The Poker Message Board Open is held every once in a while, there really is no set date or time, and as the name would indicate, the same as the MBI, a general familiarity with the EPC Message Board is necessary.

The Race For The Poker Cup- The Race for the Poker Cup is a 16 week series, and starts out as an open registration tournament that anyone can play. If you would like to test your skill in this formidable event the next one starts on Feb 21st. It is played Sunday evenings at 8pm. It is run by redsox_rules.

The Gauntlet- The Gauntlet is a 10 week series features some of the best players the EPC has to offer. As of late there have been open qualifiers held prior to the start of each series as a way for new players to gain entrance into this competitive closed registration event. It is played on Monday evenings at 8:45pm. It is run by zombie1976.

TPLE- The TPLE is free for anyone to join and has sign ups on the EPC Message Board before the start of each 10 week series. The TPLE uses a players accumulative scores from EPC Elite League play. prohta is the current TPLE commissioner.

Open Qualifiers- Open qualifiers are held a month or so before the start of each new series of The Peoples Champion.

REMEMBER-  Every day of  the week there are anywhere from 1 to 4 tournaments you can compete in  that                    are open to ANYONE and EVERYONE that want to give it a go, and try to qualify for The Peoples Champion

Here is a daily break down of available qualifying tournaments.
All times are ET

Sunday Qualifier- 12pm
Sunday Qualifier- 5pm
Sunday Qualifier- 9pm
Race for the Poker Cup- 8pm

Monday Poker League- 12:28pm
Monday Night Poker League- 9:20pm
The Gauntlet- 8:45pm

Tuesday ELITE- 7:25pm
Champions League- 8:31 pm
Tuesday Night Poker League- 11:01pm

Wednesday Poker League- 4:17pm

Thursday Night Poker League- 8:01pm
Aces Up- 8:15pm
Thursday ELITE- 11:20pm

Friday Poker League- 9:10pm

Saturday Poker League- 5:01pm
MBI- 9pm

Plus there will be 4 weeks of Open Qualifiers TBA that anyone can play in as well.

All of these tournaments save 4, The Gauntlet, Aces Up, MBI and The Champions League, are open to ALL. Also, the daily  leagues run by  ESPN represent more than one way  to qualify if  you also sign up for FLOP or TPLE. If you have any questions about any of this feel free to ask.

So if  you want to see how you stack up against the best players this site has to offer, find something that fits your schedule, qualify, and then see if you can beat the best of the best and be crowned The Peoples Champion.

If you aren't sure if you have already qualified check the Qualifier page at

Contact us-

Visit the ESPN Poker Club Message Board

Good Luck!

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