Posted by MAINEly ITALIAN on Friday, February 5, 2010

yankeenut_23, aka "nut", has been gracing the tables at the EPC with her cheery attitude and formidable poker game for a few years now. Along with her hubby ACES555 she has been a member of several championship BRAG teams, and is a threat to qualify every Sunday, knocking them pesky SQ donks out of the way like so many bowling pins.

MAINEly: Hey nut, I truly appreciate you taking the time for this. You are a very consistent player and as I mentioned, especially when it comes to Sunday Qualifiers. My first question has to be: How do you do it?

yankeenut: Patience.

MAINEly: Waiting out the donks...

yankeenut: Need a lot of luck to go with it there are a ton of bad beats to with your good solid hands.

MAINEly: Indeed, luck is needed, but your consistency indicates there is a lot more than luck involved. Having had the good fortune to play on a BRAG team with you for a few promos, I already knew how well you played them so it was no surprise to see you qualified for The Peoples Champion 4 times in the Best On Sunday category. Only 2 other players out of 200, the legendary Sunday slayer ICWEAKNESS and HCooke, had as many. I looked up your stats in the BOS for the past year and you had 3 top 10 finishes and came in 2nd in the year to date standings to "Dirty" Harrybhb. Incredibly impressive. Do you follow the BOS standings? Personally I think it is one of the most difficult qualifying categories for The Peoples Champion.

yankeenut: I knew I was up there from looking at it but I play all 3 SQ's on all the Sundays so I'm not sure its as impressive as you say. I don't do well in all sq's that's for sure, lately I have had some terrible luck.

MAINEly: Your modesty is cool, and refreshing, but trust me, you got mad skillz and many people hold the BOS accomplishments in high regard. And also, many people also play 3 most Sundays, myself included.

yankeenut: From playing in BRAG in the early days with bornfree (a past final tournament winner) and PA, (former cappy of the BRAG dynasty Stacked Deck) it was always stressed to get top 25 ...not to actually my mind set from early on in brag was to wait it out...that is kinda how I became the player I am today..I really wished I played to win more.

MAINEly: Interesting, we will get back to that. How about BRAG itself. What's your take on that? I love the team aspect and the camaraderie it brings about. Even if I have a bad day as far as my personal results, I still get to cheer on my teammates.

yankeenut: Yeah, I really like rooting on my teammates and it is great to see them do well. I am happy as long as the team does well rather than my personal score.

MAINEly: Definitely takes some of the sting out of a bad day on the felt.

yankeenut: ummm...many of those....

MAINEly: mmhm...suuuure. I feel like I should know your game better than I do. How would you describe your poker game? Don't say lucky.

yankeenut: Throwing the chair at the monitor.

MAINEly: lol, now that is something I can relate to. RenieBambie throws them em at the dealer and also other players, we appreciate you taking it out on your pc.

yankeenut: Well as I had said, I usually play to last mindset isn't to win...but when I do get to the final table I switch gears a bit and try to win.

MAINEly: cool.

yankeenut: There are certain times I play to win depending on the situation.

MAINEly: I used to consider final table play among my strongest attributes, key on USED TO. You turn up the aggression or are more willing to take chances?

yankeenut: Yes...def willing to take more chances.

MAINEly: So, getting back to the team play aspect, maybe one of it's benefits is it helps develop patience? Maybe I need to join more teams lol.

yankeenut: lol

MAINEly: It is an interesting concept though that had never really occurred to me.

yankeenut: I suppose if you look at it that way, yes.

MAINEly: I've heard people talk about wanting to "make the points for the team" but I have generally scoffed at that, unwilling to change my style, thinking more about winning, or at least final table.

yankeenut: Well if you already have the confidence that you are a good solid player who do you need to impress? I do not care what people think of me...I know I can play so there it be.

MAINEly: Excellent. Good point. You also have a couple other fairly well know sports related passions besides poker- Your beloved NY Yankees (ugh) and rumor has it you are quite the competitive bowler. Being a Redsox fan myself, let's talk bowling first lol. Not too long ago you had a nice weekend of bowling where you bowled two 300 games. You won bowler of the week honors and did a television interview. That must have been a rush

yankeenut: Yeah quite the rush...never felt as good as that. My bowling is so important to me. I am a very competitive person and I have to do well at it. Terry (ACES555) is a great bowler as well. He's my coach.

MAINEly: So I assume you play in leagues and on teams?

yankeenut: Yes, Terry and I bowl 3 nights a week together.

MAINEly: Nice. I don't know a lot about bowling, but would guess the team aspect is a little different than poker. How would you compare it?

yankeenut: Well It is a team sport as well as I would say its pretty don't want to let your team down.

MAINEly: Maybe it'd be like comparing football and baseball, both team sports but one a little more individualized at the same time. It seems like there would be more pressure in the bowling, as far as needing the score in the late stages maybe?

yankeenut: Yeah, for me, in bowling I have complete control of the situation. In poker, the dinks have control.

MAINEly: lol the dinks.

yankeenut: Oops, donks. lol

MAINEly: Did you know you can say 'dink' in table chat?

yankeenut: lmao

But you can't say 'assume' or 'titantic', they come out as *ume and *antic.

yankeenut: My new word...DINK. You called with 2 8 os DINK!!!

MAINEly: lol funny

yankeenut: lol

MAINEly: Just so you know, I not only watched the tv interview but am also putting it on this page. A couple questions from that- It starts off with footage of you bowling a strike. How many takes did that require? I woulda been there for hours possibly

yankeenut: LOL I threw a complete game and I threw 9 strikes out of 12 while he was taping.

MAINEly: Nice

yankeenut: Yeah, I especially like the last one where the eight pin falls last.

MAINEly: hmmm...I'll have to go back and look for that in the video. Is that the right term I used- 'bowling a strike', or is it called something else, like tossing a strike or nailing it. lol

yankeenut: Yeah, or throwing a strike.

MAINEly: Throwing...steeeeeeeeerike!!!

yankeenut: lol

MAINEly: Maybe I could be a bowling umpire.

yankeenut: lol

MAINEly: Also, it is mentioned in the interview that you started bowling at 8 years old. As I said, my bowling experience is limited, but I did bowl on Wednesday's for a while with a brother that's into it. I broke 200 one time in my life. How long was it before you were breaking 100, then 200?

yankeenut: Geez...I never can remember ever bowling under 100

MAINEly: lol Man, I'm still lucky if I break 100. It's definitely not a given.

yankeenut: I strive every game to break 200 nowadays. With the equipment today its easier in my opinion. The ball does all the work just need to be accurate.

MAINEly: Mhmmmm sure, modest again. When that video was made you had bowled 300 six times. Have you done it again since?

yankeenut: I shot a 296 a couple of Saturdays ago and a few 279's and 278's (that is 1 strike away ) but no 300's again yet.

MAINEly: Were you let down when u realized what the movie 300 was about?

yankeenut: Movie?

You never heard of 300? Great movie.

yankeenut: I don't watch Sports or bust.

MAINEly: No kiddin. Interesting.

yankeenut: Yup, not a movie person. Rather have a sporting event on.

MAINEly: Cool. Well this is turning into the bowling hour with yankeenut, but I have one last bowling question. The biggie- Who's the better bowler, you or ACES? Him being your coach, and with your modesty, I bet I can guess your answer...

Tough one there ..I say we are EQUAL.

MAINEly: Ohhhhh, your just full of surprises.

yankeenut: lol

MAINEly: Another thing I took from the television interview that doesn't come across so much on the online poker tables was that you seem to have the classic NY accent and attitude thing going there. You strike me as a person that while very cordial and easy to get along with, definitely doesn't take any crap. Fair description?

yankeenut: ummm...yeah, I don't take any crap from anyone, for sure.

MAINEly: Well if Beansy ever irritates you PLEASE, don't hesitate to knock him a good one eh?

yankeenut: lol

MAINEly: Well I suppoooooooooooose we can talk a little about your Yankees. I have to admit, I am a bit of a fan of some of their history. Being an avid reader as long as I can remember, I read a lot about sports, and the Yankees, as a child and the first world series I ever watched was the one when REGGIE hit 3 hr's vs the Dodgers. Those types of memories stay with you, but of course growing up in New England I soon had the painful experience of being a Redsox fan bestowed upon me. How long have you been following the team?

yankeenut: I have been a Yankee fan since I was at least 6 yrs and my brother bought baseball hard hats together mine was NYY and his was LAD.

MAINEly: I'd guess since the late 70's?

yankeenut: Yeah late 70's. We always fought on who got what baseball cards.

MAINEly: lol

yankeenut: ...because I always wanted the Yankees players. He just wanted a complete set.

MAINEly: Were there any Redsox players you liked back then or was it Yankees or bust?


MAINEly: Yaz? Jim Rice? Dewey?

more pause

MAINEly: C'mon...Fisk! Hmmm? lol

yankeenut: Back then hard to say because I wasn't very knowledgeable about the sport as much as I am now. As an adult though I do respect the achievements of some of their players.

MAINEly: Speaking of more recent times...How about the '03 and '04 ALCS battles between the Sox and the Yanks. That was something wasn't it?

yankeenut: Don't even go there, 2004 was heartbreaking for me. Worse than the Bills losing their first Superbowl with Norwood wide****************!

MAINEly: You? How do you think we felt in '03? Pimp please. Cost Grady Little his job.

yankeenut: I take my team sports hard. Stupid I know, but its part of my life.

Nah, that's cool. I have a couple siblings like that, but me personally, I'm not quite as fanatical.

yankeenut: A lot of people are just casual fans...I am not.

MAINEly: A few times, like '86 with the Redsox and the Patriots perfect season, I was a little 'emotionally invested'...

yankeenut: Yeah that Pats loss in the Superbowl was rough...I even felt bad.

MAINEly: I think I would have traded at least 2 Superbowl wins for that one...that's something that would live forever.

yankeenut: I would agree.

So even thought the Yankees have long been successful, and won 3 straight championships earlier this decade, it must have felt good seeing them climb back up that mountain. Personally, I was starting to think A-Rod may have been presenting his own little curse on the team. He has a bit of a polarizing effect on fans as well as teammates it seems. Are you an A-Rod fan?

yankeenut: A-Rod...wasn't sure what to expect...I know he is a great player...never was a huge fan and am still not. But I am glad he is on the team for sure. I like Yankee players that come up from the system.

MAINEly: One thing I respected a LOT about the late 90's NY teams were all the homegrown talent. Many people do not realize that at one point during that period they had more of their own farm raised players on the big league roster than any other team in the majors, even Montreal. Look at their old core up the middle- Posada, Jeter, Be. Williams, Pettite, Mariano.

yankeenut: Yes, but people always complain they spend all this money to BUY people...c'mon the homegrown talent is awesome.

MAINEly: Tis true...maybe more so then than now though...

yankeenut: Yes and a bit before..Mattingly..hmmm...good guy there.

Hmm Mattingly...I have a feeling that has something to do w/ my next question. Want to tell us about the significance of the #23 you have in your poker screen name? Is that his #?

yankeenut: Of course it's his number.

MAINEly: lol Well, it may be like 33 is to Bird for me I reckon. I wasn't 100% sure.

yankeenut: He is my all time Favorite baseball player hands down.

MAINEly: I saw Mattingly play once, at Yankee Stadium. He hit a line drive homerun over right center, vs the old AL Brewers. It got out of the stadium quick.

yankeenut: He played the game like it is supposed to be played.

MAINEly: Yes. Hard not to like him. It was too bad his career got cut short by injuries...back problems I think.

yankeenut: Yes, bad back killed him.  Everyone had an idol as a kid and he definitely was mine.

MAINEly: Nice.

yankeenut: My 2nd daughter is named after the great Yankee 1st baseman- Mattingly.

MAINEly: Cool name.

yankeenut: Yes, very!

MAINEly: Mattingly Selk...sorta rolls off the tongue. I think she is destined for greatness.

yankeenut: Yeah, star quality.

MAINEly: How can you fail with a name like that? lol

yankeenut: lol

MAINEly: I've already learned a few new things about you in the course of this interview, but I'm going to go ahead and ask a question I already had planned to- Tell us something about yankeenut_23 most of us may not know.

yankeenut: Good Q...I might need some time with this one.

MAINEly: Ok...

yankeenut: LOL

MAINEly: Any state spelling bee's?

yankeenut: Oh no, definitely not. Spelling not a strong suit.

MAINEly: Me either. Maybe if beansy picks on ur spelling you could punch him for that?

yankeenut: lol

MAINEly: No involvement in international espionage huh? "The Secret Life of Nut". 

yankeenut: ummmm...nope I'm kinda what you see is what you get.

Cool. Good answer. Who are some players at EPC that you admire and why?

yankeenut: Admire huh?

MAINEly: For their poker game I mean. Not personally speaking. lol Well, either or, you can go however you like with it.

yankeenut: Well, I sometimes wish I had the aggressiveness of some certain players.


yankeenut: A couple that come to mind are leev...Fuller...

MAINEly: The Machine!

yankeenut: Yeah, FULLER is tough...Oz Chambers

MAINEly: The Wizard.

yankeenut: I know for a fact that they will bet the flop always. I just wish when they do I would have even a piece of the flop.

MAINEly: Yeah...I get thinking they are full of crap then when I have a hand they end up having the nuts. Hate that.

yankeenut: When I do have something, anything, I do stand up to them.

MAINEly: It's a tricky proposition sometimes, but they will back down.

yankeenut: I know peoples patterns by now...and I'm sure they know mine...but it seems I never have anything when I want to go up against them.

MAINEly: If FULLER pushes back though I tuck tail and run usually.

yankeenut: lol I know people just bet at me and they pretty much know if I don't have it I will fold. I'm not stupid.

MAINEly: I am though, because I did not know that!

yankeenut: I sometimes feel like they think I am. I know whats going on I just won't call with crap.

MAINEly: I know what you mean.

yankeenut: Yeah. I can pretty much say what others will do....just like they say ok she will fold.

MAINEly: The familiarity is a double edged sword though. I used to be VERY loose and bluff a LOT, so I got a lot of good calls...seems lately I don't get the calls I used to, so I miss my donk rep.  I am still a bit of a loose player, just not as bad.

yankeenut: Yeah, you should go back to your donkish ways.

MAINEly: lol

yankeenut: lol. I do well at other sites, so I don't put to much stock into my results at espn.

MAINEly: Interesting. Tell me about that.

yankeenut: Well because everyone knows my game, at espn.

MAINEly: So you play real money sites?

yankeenut: Yeah, Full Tilt or p4e. I have great success.

MAINEly: I have great expectations...mediocre success. p4e?

yankeenut: poker4ever.

MAINEly: I'm not familiar with that site.

yankeenut: I play small limits but do well. Never deposited a cent, and I have a decent bank there now.

MAINEly: Sweet. Wish I could say that lol. Sit-n-go's?

yankeenut: Yeah sit n go's and mtts. I have over $xxx at p4e and I don't really play that much, so I know I'm ok.

MAINEly: Very nice. You are definitely ok. I won't print that bank amount though, beep will start stalking you.

(A.I.G.F. beepo mah boy lol.)

yankeenut: lol.

MAINEly: Tell me some of your favorite aspects of the EPC Poker Club.

yankeenut: Well the only reason I like to play there is for the friends I have made. If it wasn't for the great people I have met I could care less if I played or not. There are players I enjoy playing with. You always make me laugh at the table. I enjoy Tamis Turn. My buddy Frank (Has4AcesMaybe). There are just some players that are fun to have on a table. 4thefunofit is funny too.

Yeah, it can definitely be a lot of fun. I try to have a good time. I like joking around.

yankeenut: Well keep making us smile cause it's nice!

MAINEly: Well thank you. So how did you first come to play at the EPC? Did a friend tell you about it?

Yeah, years back a friend who we bowl with said hey if you go to and download poker you could win a seat to the wsop for ever since then we have been playing.

MAINEly: I think you have just as good a chance as anyone to eventually win a final tournament.

I think I would have to switch gears in my mind to win. I think that I fold too much sometimes.

In my opinion your game is well suited for a tournament like that.

yankeenut: I do feel like I get taken advantage of a bit in certain places.

Well, not all the best players are super aggressive. Many times slow and steady wins the race. The late, great Stu Unger once said that in a lot of tournaments he merely waited for the hot hands to come, and they most always do.

When Terry and I went to Vegas a few yrs back we played in quite a few live tournaments with anywhere from 50-100 players and I won 2 of I know I have the skills to win...sometimes I don't really try to win much on espn.

I know what you mean.

yankeenut disappears for a bit

yankeenut: Ugh sorry, guess who pressed the comp. button. He (her 2 yo son) sure is a handful. I was typing away and BAM.

MAINEly: lol That ever happen during a big hand of poker?

yankeenut: Umm...yes.

Get AA then BAM!. Nooooooooooooooo!!! lol It is probably about the equivalent of me and my excessive chatting. I try and be careful, for an errant press of the enter key can ruin a good game quickly.

yankeenut: Yeah, the fricken enter key.

MAINEly: Which brings us to the next question- As far as EPC poker, any dislikes, or things you would change if you could?

I don't like the fact that sometimes when you get moved you were just bb on the other table and are bb on next table.

Oh man...

yankeenut: And the chat enter thing as well.

MAINEly: The blinds, yes that is a big one. Nothing worse than being a bit shortstacked and paying 2 or even 3 bb's in a row due to ill timed table changes. Most sites move you to the same spot in relation to the button.

Story of my life...shortstack queen.

One time, and one time only, I actually had that work in my favor. I kept getting moved right before the blinds hit me. I played like 3 orbits w/o paying them. jajajajaaaa.

yankeenut: lol

MAINEly: But yeah, it would be cool if they could fix that. Ok last question. How about the Peoples Champion. You had a nice 16th place finish in week one and made the points, something I myself haven't been able to do yet. What's your take on that game?

yankeenut: That game is fun...something to actually strive for. The past couple weeks I just took a couple bad breaks but it is a tourney I am trying to do well in.

MAINEly: I have a feeling you will. Well that about wraps it up. Thanks a lot for doing this, it was fun.

yankeenut: Thanks for asking...was a pleasure.