Posted by MAINEly ITALIAN on Tuesday, January 26, 2010

cantgolf4beans, aka "golfy", "cg4b", "katy", "ol' one eye", "the fenceling", "beansprout", or "beansy" (the guy has more nicknames than Shaq), has been tearing up the tables, and the message board, for a few years now at EPC. His good humor, and ready apologies for 'good jokes gone bad', have become a staple around EPC. Previously known better for his mb antics, he has painstakingly forged a rep as one of EPC's more solid and consistent players.

MAINEly: Hey beansy, thanks for taking the time for this. Leading off, I'm curious how you feel about your chances of competing for the title of The Peoples Champion.

cg4b: painstakingly?

MAINEly: Dont get sidetracked, the intro is not involved here.

cg4b: Well, I'm realistic enough to know that there are many more players who are favored well in front of me, and deservedly so. As in most of the tourneys in EPC, I'd like to think I can manage to stay in the top 10-15%, maybe getting lucky and winning one week. but as far as the overall title, I'm not expecting to be in the running.

MAINEly: I think you sell yourself a little short there. You could easily be in the running near the end, in my opinion.

cg4b: Well, noone's ever claimed you were the smartest man in town...

MAINEly: I've made that claim a few times actually.

pause while cg4b fumbles for a comeback

MAINEly: And my dog thinks I'm smart as all heck.

cg4b: And you are 'noone', so there, I'm right.

MAINEly: Ok, let's move on before you insult my dog...THAT would mean war. You have always done fairly well at the tables but seem to have picked up your game a bit in the last year. Were there any aspects of your game that you addressed or noticed any changes in, or are you just getting better cards and less bad beats now?
cg4b: I'd like to think I'm more patient now, but the main thing for me is familiarity. In the past year, and especially the past six months, I've started to play more league tournaments. These league games are some of the most consistently challenging games I've played. That being said, playing two to three league games a week has lead to learning a lot about most of the players here, pokerwise anyways

MAINEly: that an oxymoron?

cg4b: No, but you are a moron if that's any consolation.

MAINEly: lol. But yes, knowing your opponent, or paying attention to their tendencies, is important and has always been a weak part of my game. OneDaySale got me trying to pay more attention to that after he kindly pointed a few of the EPC's players tendencies. Generally speaking though my attention span is too...wait what were we talking about?

cg4b: More on the patience aspect, a handful of top players have caught my attention for their ability to wait, even shortstacked, for the right opportunity

MAINEly: Patience...another issue for me sometimes.

cg4b: Can I jump in and ask, how in the heck did I get the unfavorable draw of having to follow the lovable 4thefunofit in the 15 minutes department?


cg4b: prohta working? tracy the bear too busy posting?

MAINEly: You rather follow Oz Chambers or AJSuited?

cg4b: Who?

MAINEly: lol This is about you beansy, now stop squirming. How would you describe yourself as a player? I would call you a tight player but I wouldn't want people to get the wrong impression...

cg4b: That would definitely be the wrong impression of my "playah" style...but yeah, everything I've read (which is limited) has lead me to believe in a tight-aggressive style of poker.

MAINEly: Tight-aggressive? Can you expand on that?

cg4b disappears for a few moments...

cg4b: Sorry, my IE just crashed. I have the oldest computer in the office...they are hesitant to give me anything new, as I have a reputation in the office as well.

MAINEly: We will be getting to your "professional career", next question actually.

cg4b: lol

MAINEly: No further comment on 'tight-aggressive'? I'm kinda curious what that means exactly. Do you mean play tight unless you feel the time is right, or the chips adequate, to play some reindeer games?


MAINEly: Are you worried about giving out to much inside strategy info? Peeps will know your game and destroy you!

cg4b: I'm sure most people know my style of play, and I'd really rather not give anymore away, but let's just say I play it more or less "by the book"

MAINEly: Harrington writes 3 books explaining his poker strategies in depth, then play's in million dollar tournaments, and I gotta squeeze insight out of you, a free poker site playah, like trying to get blood from a rock. Alright, so I know I am not the only one curious about this- What exactly is it you do for work?

cg4b: I'm a structural engineer by trade, but the computer age has not been good to me. Being in a field that requires use of some computers has been less than ideal for a person with undiagnosed ADHD...procrastination is just a click away.

MAINEly: Undiagnosed ADHD... interesting. So its more of a guess then.

cg4b: Hey, I dont need any doctors telling me my problems.

MAINEly: lol This 'job' of yours seems to allow you ample time for daily romps over and through the message board. Ever worry about a co-worker seeing your mug on there?

cg4b: If they did, they'd be afraid to say anything to me for fear of me ripping them a new one, well, verbally anyways. But yeah, I'm sure my personnel file is thicker than anyone elses that I know.

MAINEly: Ahh the ol 'ripping of a new one'...I've found that sounds much scarier than it really is. Maybe parts of the message board are in your personal file.

cg4b: Suffice it to say that I have been responsible for much of my company's policy changes over the years.

MAINEly: Like interoffice dating and harassment things eh? jajajaaaa!

cg4b: I plead the fifth.

MAINEly: I'll be pleading for a fifth of Knob Creek by the time this interview's over...but about the mb, any more comments on that god forsaken place before we move back to poker related topics? We can skip to the poker if you want.

cg4b: Sure, we can tackle that one, but it may get sappy sentimental "oldie" influenced.

MAINEly: do you play JJ?

cg4b: lol I've always enjoyed playing at the message board. I know the tourney, birthday, congrats threads all have there place, but I really miss being able to"play" on the message board...the last six months to a year there has been a challenge.

One thing I haven't been able to quite figure out is what the "cotton candy club" is. Any idea?

cg4b: I've never spoken with duece about it, but I think I know where he is directing that.

Ok, let's move on, 'Mr Vague Answer' *rolls eyes* Hey, that's actually a kinda cool name. Maybe it will be my next online poker screen name. "HellmuthShartMeOutHisButt" got denied.

lol I think it has something to do with the people who wont let the "mean" play go on without getting offended, ok?

Wheres Leona Helmsley when you need her...Ok, here's a good cotton candy type question- You had a nice run a while back in the Kawasaki Kondo. What's your take on that place? I like it, playing and joking around with friends etc.

cg4b: Aahhh, the Kondo. A friendly place to play after we've been busted out of league. The play there will vary greatly, but always fun. Sometimes a handful of us will agree to play all-in or fold.

MAINEly: That's always fun.

cg4b: And you never know what you are going to run into with nads or bp there.

MAINEly: No doubt. It is a cool place and named after one of the coolest people not only on the site, but also that I have ever met, anywhere. Ok we gotta get to wrapping this up, I can hear prohta now asking why it's called 15 Minutes when it took her 40+ minutes to read, or monkey nads will be screaming from the upper branches for cliff notes. I love this next question- Is there a certain player or two that gives you the most trouble on a table, or that you are most wary about getting into a hand with?

cg4b: There are more than a handful of players that I know I will have trouble getting off of their hands, no matter how strong I start the hand. Whether it be continuation bets or whatever, I'm faced with the challenge of riding the hand out hoping they don't hit the river. It can be frustrating.

Fo sho. Whole different ball of wax there...good point. I meant more like people that scare you in a different way, but I like that.

cg4b: There are also a few aggressive players that I'm always willing to get in a tussle with, knowing I can get them off their hands if I play it right. But I have also gotten myself in plenty of trouble with some of these battles.

MAINEly: How so? You try to bet them off the hand and they end up having the nuts?

Exactly, while these players are consistently aggressive, they do occasionally show up with an extremely strong hand and by the time we're done dancing with raises and reraises, I'm often left pot-committed hoping to hit my draw.

MAINEly: When the music stops playing you're left w/o a seat. Poor sec, I need a tissue...

cg4b: I dont want to know why.

Neither do the people reading this, I'm sure. Do you play live poker much, or at all?

I've played in half a dozen or so lower limit ($50 or so) tourneys at the local cardroom, and have cashed, albeit barely, twice. The play is generally poor, but I'm hesitant to keep rebuying after being handed a bad beat. I will usually slide over and play a spread limit game and make enough to cover my tourney losses though.

How about real cash online poker? There are a couple nice cash prizes to be won in The Peoples Champion by the way, to be deposited on one of two, maybe three, poker sites. *shameless plug*

I play a little at Full Tilt, not often , but once in a while.

MAINEly: I saw your post on the mb about that, whatever it was called, the FT thing.

Rush Poker. Holy shit is that addictive.

I'll have to check it out. One can never have too many addictions. Its not easy to keep growing a bank at an online real money poker site. I guess there's a reason there are so few poker players that can make an actual living at it. OK, we REALLY gotta wrap this up, last two questions-

cg4b: An hour and 15 minutes with beans...

MAINEly: lol First, what are some of your favorite aspects of the EPC? Maybe with you I should just ask for ONE ASPECT.

Obviously, just the camaraderie of playing with a lot of friendly people day in and day out. I really would like to thank AJ and ESPN for providing a free site filled with some quality players (and people) to learn the game, with nothing invested but your time. Maybe you can tell AJ for me, as I am sure he won't be venturing on over to read these interviews.

MAINEly: Yeah, its cool to have a place to learn the game thats free with some solid competition. Plus you can win stuff. Any least favorite aspects? Don't get shy on me now beansy, and yes, AJ is watching. Hey, I made some good complaints last time, I ain't a scared! *trembles and looks around nervously*

One of my peeves would be the "free" aspect. Even amongst the solid players, you can run into the solid player on the wrong day, in the wrong mood, etc

We won't mention any names. co-nads-ugh  co-bp-ugh  co-L0VE-ugh

And it can do some damage to an "up to that point" solidly played tourney.

Awe poor baby boo boo. Man, this took longer than it did for me to go from prepping questions to final copy w/ 4thefunofit.

cg4b: So I chat like a chick.

Yes, most of the women I 'meet' on the internet are JUST like you beansy. I gotta run, thanks again for taking the time to do this. It was fun. Kinda. Ciao!

I thought for sure you were gonna ask me for my perceived weaknesses in my game. Maybe they are just so apparent you wouldn't need to ask. Bye!

Authors note: Sorry for this being so long. I had to cut quite a bit out. Some of it was actually pretty good stuff, in my opinion. I would also like to note that I had to fix MANY of beansy's spelling and grammar mistakes jajajajajaja!!!