4thefunofit, aka "4", has long been known around the ESPN Poker Club (EPC) for his continual positive attitude and stats driven rankings and score keeping, but in the last year has made a name for himself for also being one of the best and most consistent players on the site. The past year hasn't been the easiest one he's ever had in his personal life, but he has maintained the qualities that make him who he is. His level headed attitude and good sportsmanship on the tables is respected by many and matched by few.

Hey 4, I appreciate you taking a few minutes for this. Unfortunately your schedule won't permit you to compete in The Peoples Champion series but we hope you can stop in for a game or two. You were definitely one of the favorites to contend for the title if you were able to play the complete series. Who are a few of the current players at EPC that you would pick to contend in this, if they are able to play?

4: Well recently, the players who have been playing well are burning pee, goodtime4500 and Stingr1. You can never rule out FULLER92, DD12, and a whole handful of other players here as well.

MAINEly: Yeah I suppose bp has a punchers, or donkers, chance lol

(AIGF bp, we all know you're a poker stud)

4: If you don't want bp to do well, just tell him it's league, lol

MAINEly: lol. Speaking of goodtime, he always gives me fits on the table, I feel like he can see my cards sometimes and tell him that. ICWEAKNESS used to make me feel the same way when he played here more often. Is there a certain player or two that gives you the most trouble on a table, or that you are most wary about getting into a hand with?

4: Two stand out for me...dimdim and OneDaySale, no matter how far ahead, I always seem to lose in the end.

MAINEly: No doubt. Those are another couple players I try and avoid tangling with as well. We are hoping OneDaySale might pop in for a game or two during the series.

4: A 3rd goes to the legendary Snoop35

MAINEly: The legendary snoop... We'd also like to see him drop by the TPC tables some time too. You have been quite dominant this past year on the tables of EPC. What parts of your poker game do you think you have improved on the most in the past year?

4: Well, I have always been good with patience. I think more so my advantage has come with people getting to know my game, more than anything. I have a lot more respect folds by people who used to challenge me in the past. Part of that has to come from my willingness to show all my hands which others think I should not do. In my opinion though, I'd rather people know my game and send their best at me. That is how I become better by playing against their best.

MAINEly: Wow, that's a pretty cool and somewhat unique philosophy, at least from what I generally see and hear.

4: At final tables, I have been very strong in H2H defeating LLANO, Mithrall, Dark angel,and Slickman420 in tournaments so definitely my H2H has improved.

MAINEly: Yeah, finishing a tournament off is a talent in and of itself for sure. Also, in my opinon you are one of the better short stack players around. Many times I have seen you in a tournament on life support, a lot of times very late in the tournament on the verge of blinding out, and come back to win or at least final table. In the past you have mentioned a few players, alamoterror is one, that helped you improve your short stack game. Any tips for the rest of us on short stack poker? I suppose the patience factor must play a lot into that.

4: Yes, patience obviously, but you need to be very aware of the blind situation and stay focused on your goal. In team games, my main goal is getting to FT and then doing what I can at the end but the blinds are actually very important. I know 20 mins in advance where my chip stack will be if I don't play hands and where I would be in the tournament at that point. If I need to make a move then I will but I have found that you are never out of it .... the old chip and chair thought process works for me.

MAINEly: Yeah, rookie0674 helped me a lot in that aspect. Do you play much live poker?

4: I would if I had the cash but no. When I've played I have done well. I've never had to change my game from online to cash so I think that has done me well.

MAINEly: Cool. Ok, last two questions. First, what are some of your favorite aspects of the EPC? Over all, or the whole ball of wax, so to speak.

4: Family, community, characters, humor, and who doesn't like a little drama now and then, lol

MAINEly: lol yes, as long as it's a LITTLE drama lol

4: But it always comes back to the people here

MAINEly: Yep, I agree. Ok, any least favorite aspects? Don't be shy now.

4: Well back to the drama on the MB obviously but as far as EPC in general, it bugs me that they don't promote their own. This site could be so much bigger and better by just promoting their own site. Not sure why they don't since it's a free site and it would never compete to Stars or Tilt.

MAINEly: For me I think the game client could use a few tweaks. An untimely tap of the enter key can put all your chips in jeopardy. Then there's paying the bb 2-3 times in a row due to table changes w/o regard to position to the button. It seems like a few minor programming adjustments to the game client are periodically suggested on the mb here and there, but rumor has it there haven't been any programmers employed by EPC for quite a few years now lol

4: Yeah some improvements could be made....... I really like the breaks at 55min of the hour at the other sites, be nice to actually take a break when you are in multiple games.

MAINEly: Yes, absolutely. My walnut sized bladder would greatly appreciate that one.

4: lol

MAINEly: Well hey, thanks a lot for taking the time to talk, I appreciate it. Hope to see you in a few Peoples Champion games. Maybe the next series can be run on a different night ; )

4: Thanks, it should be a fun series and I look forward to the opportunity to play when I can.


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